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5 Best Fertility and Ovulation Trackers for a 2024 Baby

Emily Shaw - Writer for Tempdrop
By Emily Shaw
Korana Braun - Editor for Tempdrop
Edited by Korana Braun
Gemma Rigby
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Published July 9, 2023.

a pregnant woman laying on a bed with a notepad tracking her pregnancy

On average, only 30% of women can accurately identify the optimal time to get pregnant. That leaves a huge percentage of the population who aren't able to. Studies show that many women are actually misinformed about the exact timing of their fertile window, which can make getting pregnant harder to achieve and take longer than expected.

It's been demonstrated that wearable trackers can be more sensitive and, therefore, more accurate than other fertility tracking methods. Let's dive into which trackers you should use to have the highest likelihood of having a baby in 2024.

Our Top Picks for the Best Fertility and Ovulation Trackers

  • Best Overall Fertility and Ovulation Tracker: Tempdrop
  • Best App for Symptom Tracking: Clue
  • Best Thermometer Fertility Tracker: Daysy
  • Best App for Fertility Awareness: Natural Cycles
  • Best Wearable Fertility Tracker: Ava

1. Best Overall Fertility and Ovulation Tracker

Tempdrop is FDA-registered, and its unique AI technology and continuous temperature monitoring while you sleep, make it the most accurate fertility monitor on the market. Tempdrop takes into account your individual temperature patterns and adjusts its algorithm accordingly.

Tempdrop encourages the use of the Symptothermal Method, an evidence-based method. Research shows Symptothermal Method to be 99.6% effective with perfect use.

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker | Armband & AppTempdrop Fertility Tracker | Armband & App | PackageTempdrop Fertility Tracker |  smart thermometer and charting appKnow your cycle with Tempdrop without sacrificing sleep.Tempdrop Fertility Tracker | Tempdrop Monitor 2.0 - With A New And Improved Fabric Armband

Tempdrop Monitor 2.0

  • Cycle tracking: Tempdrop tops the charts by accurately helping you to identify your unique fertile window and confirm that you did, in fact, ovulate through BBT monitoring. This information also tells you when to expect your next period so you know when to test for pregnancy. Plus, you can track how you feel, any bleeding, spotting, or discharge, and the app will analyze the symptoms.
  • Effective for irregular cycles: Tempdrop is hands down the best fertility monitor for irregular periods. Tempdrop uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze your temperature data and identify patterns in your cycle. It can detect changes in your BBT that indicate ovulation, even if your cycles are irregular. By tracking these patterns over time, Tempdrop can provide insights into your menstrual cycle.
  • Fertility cycle report/statistics: The app provides a detailed chart of your menstrual cycle by combining temperature readings with other fertility symptoms. Tempdrop can also plan six cycles ahead with advanced period predictions.
  • Pregnancy tracking: The app allows you to go from fertility to pregnancy tracking. By tracking ovulation using BBT, you can know if you got pregnant and how far along you are for accurate pregnancy dating. This can help you to be proactive in seeking prenatal care from your provider. Additionally, lower BBT can be a sign of lower levels of the hormone progesterone. If you think this may be happening, you can work with your provider for early intervention strategies to sustain the pregnancy.
  • Price: $159-$199. Tempdrop premium monthly app subscription is $4.49/mo or $35.99/yr.


  • Superior accuracy and efficacy
  • Accurate for irregular cycles
  • Convenient wearable device
  • Measures your BBT while you sleep
  • Tracks the quality of sleep
  • Learns your unique fertility patterns
  • 12-month satisfaction guarantee
  • Export data to review with medical provider


  • Must be manually turned on

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

4.9/5(644 reviews)

2. Best App for Symptom Tracking

Clue utilizes algorithms and data analysis to provide predictions about upcoming periods, fertile windows, and ovulation. These predictions rely on you to input your data into the app, such as cycle length, period duration, and symptoms.

  • Cycle tracking: You can track how you’re feeling, your bleeding, spotting, and discharge, and Clue will analyze the symptoms. Clue also allows you to input details about your moods throughout your cycle. This feature can help you identify patterns and better understand how your emotions and physical symptoms may be related to your menstrual cycle.
  • Effective for irregular cycles: Clue is not my first choice for people with irregular cycles.
  • Fertility cycle report/statistics: Clue can plan six cycles ahead with advanced period predictions.
  • Pregnancy tracking: Clue provides users with content and insights specific to their pregnancy, such as information about fetal development, common pregnancy concerns, and self-care tips. I appreciate the self-care tips most of all.
  • Price: $9.99/mo or $39.99/yr.


  • Affordable
  • Helps you track your moods


  • Can't track your BBT, cervical mucus, or OPK results
  • Not as effective for irregular cycles

3. Best Thermometer Fertility Tracker

The independently reviewed result shows that Daysy has an overall accuracy of 99.4% in differentiating not fertile days versus fertile days.

  • Cycle tracking: The Daysy thermometer can be connected to the app that measures morning basal body temperature, and monitors your cycle and ovulation history.
  • Effective for irregular cycles: I haven't worked with many women who use Daysy with irregular cycles, primarily because I don't usually recommend it. Those who do, tend to get more red and yellow days than women with regular cycles and regular ovulation.
  • Fertility cycle report/statistics: The key feature of Daysy is easy color coding for informing you about your fertility status. Yellow—learning phase/caution day, red—fertile day, green—infertile day, purple—menstruation days.
  • Pregnancy tracking: You can use Daysy to continue recording your temperature data during pregnancy, but it is important to remember that its primary function is fertility tracking rather than pregnancy monitoring.
  • Price: $249-$319.


  • Efficacy
  • Data exporting for medical guidance


  • Not ideal for pregnancy tracking
  • Users may forget to take temps
  • More expensive

4. Best App for Fertility Awareness

Natural Cycles relies on the Symptothermal Method, an evidence-based method, and research shows it to be up to 99.6% effective with perfect use, and 98.2% effective with typical use.

  • Cycle tracking: Natural Cycles helps you familiarize yourself with your body’s signs of fertility (fertile and non-fertile days are clearly noted) and learn the unique pattern of your cycle.
  • Effective for irregular cycles: Natural Cycles relies on accurate and consistent BBT measurements to track your fertility. BBT can be affected by a variety of factors, and irregular cycles can make it more challenging to pinpoint the exact timing of ovulation.
  • Fertility cycle report/statistics: The app shows your cycle data in charts and graphs, allowing you to track trends and patterns over time. This can help you identify ovulation and track changes in your cycle length and regularity.
  • Pregnancy tracking: Natural Cycles' Pregnancy Mode allows you to switch from fertility tracking to pregnancy tracking within the app. It also offers content related to pregnancy, such as fetal development, and changes in your body during pregnancy.
  • Price: $99.99/yr or $12.99/mo + the $49.99 thermometer.


  • Great app for FAM
  • High efficacy with perfect use


  • Expensive for long-term use
  • Relies on manual data entry
  • Not as effective for irregular cycles

5. Best Wearable Fertility Tracker

Ava fertility tracking wearable is worn on your wrist only during sleep and uses algorithms to extract the 5 most fertile days of your cycle.

  • Cycle tracking: Ava is convenient and provides personalized data based on your own physiological signs.
  • Effective for irregular cycles: Ava is not best for people with PCOS or irregular periods, which are often the people who have the most difficulty getting pregnant.
  • Pregnancy tracking: You can continue using Ava for week-by-week content for your whole pregnancy.
  • Price: $279-$359.


  • Tracks temps while you sleep
  • Refund if you are not pregnant within 6 to 12 months
  • More sensitive than oral BBT


  • Most expensive
  • Not as comfortable to wear during sleep
  • Not as effective for irregular cycles

Tempdrop Reigns Supreme!

If you're looking for the best wearable and overall fertility and ovulation tracker for a 2024 baby, you can't go wrong with Tempdrop. As a personal user and a fertility coach, I recommend this product above all others. I find it easy to use and accurate, which is key for being successful with any fertility tracker.

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

4.9/5(644 reviews)