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Emily Shaw - content writer at Tempdrop
Emily Shaw - Writer for Tempdrop

Emily Shaw


Fertility, Nutrition, and Holistic Wellness


Fertility Specialist Certification from Bebo Mia, Functional Nutrition for Women Certification from Integrative Women's Health Institute


  • Helped women have children without IVF after several miscarriages.


For decades, Emily has placed holistic health and wellness at the center of her personal and professional life. After discovering the importance of preconception health, she has made it her mission to provide high-level, holistic education and support to people on their fertility journeys. Her dedication to inclusive reproductive health advocacy, personal experiences with pregnancy loss, and passion for menstrual cycle education have been driving forces in her career. She seeks to close the gaps in fertility awareness and education, provide infertility support, and help people receive the care they deserve for vitality and pregnancy success.

Quote From Emily Shaw

"What if infertility isn't a war but an awakening?" – Rekha Ramcharan

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