Know your cycle

Get the accurate data you need for the fertility apps you love without sacrificing sleep.

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A tool for all women to finally track their cycle

Wake up whenever you want and effortlessly track your cycle. By learning your temperature patterns, Tempdrop allows you to chart your true cycle and make better life choices.

  • Inconsistent sleepers

    Working nights? Nursing? Toddlers up at all hours? With Tempdrop, you can still temp even without getting your nightly zzz’s.

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  • Busy lifestyles

    Life is for living, not for temping. You can temp even if you spend your Friday nights drinking margaritas and your Sunday nights flying red eye flights.

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  • Irregular Cycles

    Is your cycle wonky because you’re postpartum, menopausal, have PCOS, or just because? You can still temp with Tempdrop.

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  • Health tracking for fertility

    Tempdrop is the perfect companion to Sympto-Thermal Method (STM). You can use it to help you conceive, avoid, or learn your own body’s rhythm.

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Backed by Science

Tempdrop measures your armpit temperature throughout your sleep. Measuring your armpit temperature for a minimum of 12 minutes is equivalent to measuring your core body temperature.

Rubia-Rubia, J., Arias, A., Sierra, A., & Aguirre-Jaime, A. (2011). Measurement of body temperature in adult patients: comparative study of accuracy, reliability and validity of different devices. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 48(7), 872–880. doi:

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Ready for a smart thermometer that gives you the freedom you need to track your cycle without sacrificing sleep? 

Warm & Welcoming Community

The Tempdrop community is a warm and welcoming Facebook Group with thousands of STM devotees ranging from just starting out to STM instructors. The community is moderated by volunteer STM experts and frequented by Tempdrop’s founder.