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Tempdrop - Freedom
MsA1603 (Sydney, AU)

So glad I came across this product! Such a cute, little device. Am postpartum, so manual BBT monitoring is just not possible with a 4.5 month old.
So far so good!! Super easy to use and sync with your phone. I definitely recommend! Customer service is also amazing. Thanks guys!

Only negative, is the armband. It isn't the most comfortable thing to wear and digs in a bit. But you do get used to it though.

Tempdrop - Freedom
J Martin (Creedmoor, US)

Very very thankful to have this in my life! Makes reading temps for FAM much much simpler and actually feasible. Would recommend this highly to anyone interested in FAM. DO have to sync to their app, which works fine. Mine has lasted about 2.5 years so far with no breakage, a couple of battery changes per year.

Recommended changes:
-An ON SWITCH would be nice (vs the somewhat difficult-to-push button). Do like the sleek profile of the teardrop shape, though.
-VISUAL- being able to see the temp for the day (or previous 3) on the device would be awesome for me (wouldn't have to wait for it to sync, would save me a couple of minutes each dayv). I use my own spreadsheet, so the syncing part feels like a drag. I'm assuming it's a slight drag for anyone not using their app as their main chart (most people).

Tempdrop - Confidence
Allisyn Maxwell (Williamsport, US)

Tempdrop - Confidence

Tempdrop Basic | Fertility Tracking Tool | Ovulation Tracking

Tempdrop - Confidence
Hillary Fuhrman (Minneapolis, US)
Huge weight off my mind

I purchased a Tempdrop to be able to better chart my cycles for PCOS and for hopefully conceiving a baby. It seemed to track my temperatures accurately despite multiple night wakings, and before the month was out, I was able to use the data to fall pregnant! I'm not using it now (pregnant) but looking forward to picking it back up when I deliver this baby to better keep track of my cycles. I'm so glad I found Tempdrop!

Tempdrop - Confidence
Rebecca Bauer (Perth, GB)
Love my Tempdrop!

I started using my Tempdrop at 5 months postpartum with PCOS and have now been using it for 3 months. I love it!

I’ve been able to temp consistently and get stable numbers when though my sleep is very disturbed by frequent night feeds, I’ve been able to confirm the return of my fertility, and hopefully will be able to use TD to conceive baby #2 next year!

TD is so easy to use and just works, there is no way I’d be able to have starting temping again with a baby this young without it and believe me, I tried but my temps were just too inconsistent and VERY questionable.

If you’re questioning whether to get it and whether the cost is worth it, I’d definitely say it has been for me! It’s giving me a window into my health and my body that I couldn’t have otherwise and is helping me to be the healthiest I can be - your cycle is 100% a vital sign of health, don’t ignore it.

Technology is great, app could be more functional

I love the ease of being able to wear the thermometer. I sleep all over the bed, and sometimes I would wake up too much, just trying to get back to my side of the bed to get my oral thermometer. This is a great solution! The app would be at least 50% better if it would graph the last 30 days instead of just listing the temps. And I don't understand why after 60 days, it's still changing previous days' temperatures. Shouldn't the algorithm have figured things out by now? It's the best wearable thermometer on the market, but I wonder how long it will stay that way if the app stays the way it is.

Tempdrop Basic | Fertility Tracking Tool | Ovulation Tracking

Tempdrop - Confidence
E. (Arlington, US)
Very Helpful!

Works exactly like it is advertised, great for use while breastfeeding. My temps line up with MM testing and it's great to have the extra confirmation of ovulation while TTA! Thanks Tempdrop!

Tempdrop - Confidence
Carolyn (San Francisco, US)
Excellent for inconsistent sleepers

I am so glad I got this device. I didn't think I could temp because you have to wake up at the exact same time every day and remember to take your temperature before doing anything else in the morning. That is so restrictive. The TempDrop armband took some getting used to and a few nights of it either falling off or cutting off my circulation, but once I got it right it's been fantastic. The app is also nice and simple and easy to use. I just wish it automatically synced with Fertility Friend.

Pregnant after 1 cycle!!!

I bought this after my first postpartum period had returned and with night nursing and waking through the night still with my 16 month old, i knew i couldn't rely on using my regular bbt thermometer.
I actually purchased it to try and pinpoint ovulation and to see if i was having ovulatory cycles yet. Well to my surprise, i did ovulate, i wasn't practicing prevention because we have always had trouble conceiving in the past. Well i am currently about 6 weeks pregnant, even though we weren't trying to conceive yet, it is an exciting surprise and i feel blessed to not have to go through years of trying again.
So i plan on using this after i give birth, being so easy to use, don't have to worry about waking up to take my temp and can have all my data synced.
The only thing i wish it had was the ability to sync with other charting apps. I use fertility friend and had to manually transfer them over, which isn't a huge deal but when the temperatures update over time you have to make sure to go in and change them.

Confidence post-partum

We ordered the temp-drop to help us be more confident as my cycle regulated post-partum. Knowing when I ovulate has helped me and my husband immensely post-partum. The temp-drop has been very reliable and easy to use.

Tempdrop - Confidence
DH (Lenexa, US)
Simplifies NFP

The Tempdrop has been a game changer for post-partum charting. Even though I wake up multiple times a night, I can trust the Tempdrop readings. It’s comfortable and simple to use.

Tempdrop Basic | Fertility Tracking Tool | Ovulation Tracking
Amazing, and hassle-free!

Really helped to chart my cycle properly, easy to use and super convenient!

Tempdrop - Confidence
Katerina Petzold (Brisbane, AU)
The easiest system I've used

This is amazing. I have never had such accurate readings with oral temp takers and so this is definitely better and more efficient for me.


It's very convenient I dont have to wake up at the same time every morning... just wear and sync. My only daily question is whether it's in the right place as this can affect the result. It takes getting use to.

Could have minor improvements

I think this device is nice. The main issue I have with it is I don't think it takes my temp at the same time, which is needed. And it would also be nice for the app to tell me which time the temp was recorded. Those are easy for me to work with. The real problem is the armband. I would love to see the armband have a silicone or rubber holder for the device. Or even have plastic with rounded edges. It would make a world of a difference. Laying on the side with the band is a bit uncomfortable. And it would probably hold the device better as the current one doesn't do that so well and I'm worried that it will fall out before making it to the nightstand. I would like to see a rechargeable version.

While that was all negative, in the grand scheme of things, I think it is a good product. It is much easier to remember before bed, than after waking up.

Love my tempdrop!

Review after 1 year of use

I've waited one year to review my Tempdrop so I could give a truthful review based on long-term experience. After one year I'm convinced it works as advertised. I have PCOS and my Tempdrop is the only thing that has given me some view into what is actually going on in my body. I have irregular cycles so my periods tend to spring up on me with no warning. Temp-drop has helped me know when it's (not) coming. There are occasional random temperature miscalculations (high or low spikes), but the trends are definitely present and are accurate. I will say that I am careful to not switch between long and short sleeve shirts because I was concerned doing that would affect the temp readings. Not sure if that's true or not but it makes me feel better. The battery was easy to change when that happened around 10 months in. Love my Tempdrop and I feel glad to have it. I have also loved the OvuView app that goes with it. Thanks for making a product that has really helped me! I'd be happy to share my data with developers if they could use it provide more products to help women with PCOS. While I haven't gotten pregnant with Tempdrop, I would recommend it to anyone with PCOS wanting to learn more about their cycle. I've learned so much and it has helped me have better conversations with fertility doctors.

Easy and accurate!

We are using the FAM method right now but we have a crazy sleep schedule, we’ve been able to track when I am ovulating to prevent pregnancy (for now!!). Super happy with Tempdrop, worth the price if you don’t want to take birth control or want to get pregnant.

Tempdrop - Confidence
Jennifer (Queens, US)
Glad I Have It

It took a couple of months for me to get in the habit of putting it on every night before bed. I had to set a reminder alarm on my phone. Once I did that it was easier to form the habit. I do it before the alarm goes off now. I am glad I have this as I am not good at sleeping through the entire night. Needing to do any kind of temping as soon as I wake up from a good night's sleep just isn't an option for me. That's why I got the tempdrop.

Easy and accurate

Just what I wanted for NFP.

Loving my Tempdrop!

After charting BBT using an oral thermometer for years, I wanted a wearable device instead. My oral temps didn’t always work so well, with me having issues sleeping and sleeping with my mouth open. After having used the Tempdrop for two whole cycles, my charts are much smoother and so much easier to read. Love it!

Tempdrop - Confidence
Nancy Paladino (Denver, US)
Game Changer

My temp drop has completely changed my fertility tracking. The simplicity and ease of using this thermometer is fantastic. I feel so much more confident in my tracking and also feel like I have more mental space to move forward in tracking the other fertility signs since I no longer have to worry about taking my temp each morning. The only thing that is a bit annoying, for me, is that the temp tracker comes loose from the armband. I understand why it does, but I feel like it should clip in more securely. Thank you Tempdrop! This product is a godsend!

Tempdrop Basic | Fertility Tracking Tool | Ovulation Tracking