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The Tempdrop has been easy and convenient to use! Would 100% recommend to anyone!

Love it so far!

I am still learning all this stuff about going natural with family planning, etc. but so far this little Tempdrop has been a blessing with taking my temperature! Very easy to use! Wish there were more options on the app though because I am having to use two apps to track mood, etc. :)

Absolute perfection! A game changer.

I’d been tracking my BBT as part of birth control for 10 years with little trouble. I sleep well and don’t have kids yet so getting an accurate temp was pretty simple. A few months ago I moved my elderly parents in with me though and my dad has dementia. This makes him pace the house all night, turn lights on and off, raid the kitchen, open bedroom doors looking for the bathroom, etc. which effects my sleep and my temps. I ordered the TempDrop hoping it could help me get accurate temps with less than stellar sleep. It has done exactly what it’s supposed to every night. I get excited to sync every morning and update my chart. I’ve had zero issues, the Facebook group is great, and I’ve told serval people about it. I can’t imagine ever not using it.

My one suggestion would be to have updated temps highlighted in some way so it’s easier to change them on your chart.

Love not having to wake up, wish it highlighted temps when they change

Tempdrop has absolutely changed my sleeping for the better. I do wish the app highlighted when temps change, it's a little difficult to tell what all I need to update in other apps. Also would love to have some sort of insight into why the temps are adjusting but that's probably asking a lot. Overall I'm incredibly happy I bought this.

Tempdrop - Confidence

Easy to Use

I've been using TempDrop for over two cycles now and I can see the algorithm starting to adjust my temps. It is very easy to use and I look forward to seeing how it helps me track my fertility!

TempDrop makes charting easy

I love that I can get up early, sleep in, or go to the washroom through the night without it affecting my temperature reading. I'd never go back to a regular thermometer. Thanks for making such a great product.

Tempdrop - Confidence


Thank you very much, I'm very satisfied with everything :)


I'm using tempdrop for TTA and it's been amazing so far. I would not be able to temp otherwise because I have two small kids and very little sleep.

Great band

I don’t know why but I like this one better than the white one. It feels more comfortable and the color is pretty. It doesn’t look stained like my white one looks which is a plus.

Tempdrop - Basic | Fertility Tracking Tool | Ovulation Tracking

Could be better for the price

I have used my Tempdrop for nearly 2 months now and although overall happy as I was struggling to take BBT every morning, there are couple disappointing points. The frame doesn't work as well as it should and I struggle to click the TD into it so quite often it pops out. And then the armband - I don't have any complaints regarding its comfort, however, it is now all bobbled and frayed. After only 2 months. I know TD adjusts previous temperatures but this never made any difference to me.

Making my life so much easier

I am in love with my Tempdrop, it takes the guess work out of daily temping and is extremely accurate! Highly recommend

Tempdrop - Confidence

Game Changer

I love the fact that I do not have to take my temperature first thing in the morning and that I can get a stable temp even if I am up with my babies multiple times during the night. This has made such a difference for me and I love how easy charting has become for me. Totally worth it! Would definitely recommend.

Makes temping incredibly simple

So glad I bought this. I’m new to charting & TTA. This has made it so much easier to temp & a very little learning curve. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was set up as well. If I could change anything, it'd be the frame, it pinches me a lot, but I can get over that. Well worth the investment.

Love it!

Works great! So helpful with TTC. I have trouble sleeping through the night, so the regular BBT thermometer wasnt working for me. It also takes away alot of the stress of temping!

Easy to use

Love this device to double check my ovulation with the Marquette method. It is simple to use each night. The only thing I don't love is how it clicks into the frame. It is easy for it to pop out.

Worked like a charm!

Very much appreciated having the Tempdrop! For better or worse, I got pregnant before the 30 day algorithm set in and I have since stopped using it! However I genuinely appreciated being able to sleep in on weekends— not having to worry about taking my temp at the same time or worrying about nighttime awakenings. Will definitely be using it for future pregnancies!

Perfect hormonal free birth control for my lifestyle

After reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and getting excited about going off birth control, I was bummed to read a note saying people that travel often like airline employees are not good candidates because of changing time zones and such. This is so much easier then trying to wake up at the same time every day to take an oral temperature. Even though my sleep schedule is all over the place, I'm across the country, being an airline pilot and using this is doable! I can't wait to tell my fellow pilots.

I Love This Thing

I am using my TempDrop as TTA and I absolutely love it.

It is great, but I wish that the armband was thicker and more comfortable.

Tempdrop - Confidence


I give Tempdrop a 5 star rate. On the third month of using Tempdrop I was able to accurately pinpoint my ovulation day. Tempdrop worked perfectly and I am happy to announce that my husband and I our pregnant with our second child! Big thanks to Tempdrop!