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Editorial Policy - Tempdrop

Editorial Policy

Tempdrop's editorial team is committed to creating and publishing original content relating to fertility, women's health, pregnancy, and cycle tracking.

Our blogs, articles, and reviews are intended to inform our readers about the latest fertility insights and developments that will help them better understand their fertility health.

The principles and standards outlined in this policy document inform the entire editorial process intending to consistently produce accurate, current, credible, and purposeful content.

Editorial Principles


We strive to deliver exceptional and top-quality content for Tempdrop that meets our high standards and expectations.

This is achieved through our standardized writing, editing, and quality assurance process that is continually reviewed and improved.

We also carefully vet and recruit a network of writers and experts with advanced health and fertility experience and knowledge. Our editors have industry experience and are adept at researching, editing, and proofreading.


Our commitment to producing accurate, trustworthy content aligns with our standards of excellence.

Editors are tasked with thoroughly checking and validating facts and information before publication.

We also carefully review, proofread, and edit all posts to ensure they are polished and grammatically correct.


We place great value on integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Writers and editors remain objective and unbiased and must disclose any conflicts of interest.

It's essential for content to also demonstrate integrity. Posts need to convey valid claims and be supported by credible sources of information.


We endeavor to produce easy-to-navigate and easy-to-digest information that is accessible to all. We are mindful to remove or clarify technical or medical terminology, as well as Tempdrop product terms.

We value diversity and inclusivity and aim to provide information representative of and beneficial to everyone, regardless of demographic, geographic, social, or other differences.


Our content is informed and driven by its relevance and helpfulness to our readers.

In addition, we cover topics that provide insights that will add value to their lives. We only approve blog and article topics that can be used and applied to assist readers' fertility curiosities and journeys.

Editorial Process

Topic Approval, Outlining, and Allocation

The topics of our blogs are carefully researched and then individually approved. Editors create an outline informing the writer or interviewer about the blog's structure, scope, and purpose. Writers or interviewers are allocated specific blogs according to their subject knowledge and experience.

Interviewers conduct thought-focused discussions with industry experts to garner information for our blogs.


To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our content, editors will manually check the facts and information contained in the blogs.

Editing and Proofreading

Our skilled editors are also responsible for rigorously editing and proofreading all content to meet our quality standards.

Sourcing and Crediting

Our editorial team ensures the credibility of our content by supporting claims with evidence wherever possible.

We practice due diligence to fully and accurately credit the sources that directly or indirectly contribute to our content. This is in alignment with our zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.

By providing references, we allow readers to explore topics and related topics further.


Additionally, editors may amend our content should we observe errors or inaccuracies not seen at the time of publication.

We also welcome feedback from our readers. Please get in touch with us to report incorrect or outdated information or other inaccuracies.

Terms of Use

The content produced and published by Tempdrop may be accessed, downloaded, formatted, or printed for personal use only. Without our prior consent, it may not be published, distributed, reproduced, or sold for commercial purposes.


The information published by Tempdrop is not intended to substitute the knowledge, services, and expertise of gaming experts, developers, or other professionals. We strongly recommend consulting with trained and experienced individuals or companies before making important decisions or transactions.


Tempdrop does not assume liability for publishing outdated, incomplete, or incorrect content.

Furthermore, we will not be held accountable for any direct or indirect harm, losses, or damage from using our content or resources.