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About Us

Welcome to our free fertility chart review service

Our Mission

Tempdrop brings a full fertility tracking solution to your smartphone. 

What started as an ambitious crowdfunding campaign back in 2014 has since grown into the world’s first wearable BBT sensor, advancing women’s reproductive health throughout every stage. 

At the end of 2020, we launched Tempdrop’s in-built charting app as an effortless solution to record your BBT and learn key cycle insights.

We believe every woman should be empowered and equipped with the knowledge to take control of their body. That’s where Tempdrop steps in to provide clear, science-based technology to help you better track your cycle.


Our Community

Our motto is ‘know your body’, and with the help of our personalized data, we have provided tens of thousands of women across the globe with the tool to do just that. 

To this day, community is our driver, and Tempdrop continues to maintain an authentic bond with its users. Our flourishing and supportive group of women from all walks of life have been instrumental in the development of Tempdrop, and are now better equipped than ever to understand their body.

  • 2017 Tempdrop was founded
  • 20,000 Pregnancies
  • #1 Wearable sensor

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