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Tempdrop Insurance Annual Renewal
  • Tempdrop Insurance Annual Renewal

Tempdrop Insurance Annual Renewal
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Tempdrop insurance gives you cover against accidental damage or loss for 1 year from the date of purchase. Annual renewal is available at the special reduced price of $45.

Please note: this renewal is not valid if you have not previously owned an annual insurance cover. Contact our support team with any questions prior to purchase. 

Tempdrop Accidental Damage Coverage Terms
  • The first replacement sensor is free! 
  • There is a $19 processing fee for every claim
  • Armband replacements can also be added to each sensor replacement order for an additional $9
  • An extra $49 fee is payable if a second claim is made within the same insurance coverage period

Read full warranty, returns and insurance T&Cs here

*The damaged or lost Tempdrop sensor will be deactivated with each replacement.