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What Makes Tempdrop Different?

What Makes Tempdrop Different?

November 11, 2022

What Makes Tempdrop Different?

Since you're here, you've probably heard of Tempdrop! If this is your first exposure to our company, we would like to welcome you. Tempdrop is an overnight wearable device that tracks your basal body temperature, with much more ease than has been traditionally available. Basal body temperature is useful in helping you track and understand your menstrual cycle for a variety of purposes (trying to conceive, trying to avoid conception, or just tracking for health). There are so many devices out there that can help you in your journey of tracking your cycle, so what makes Tempdrop different? Well, read on to find out!

1. Saving you time

Woman syncing her Tempdrop

Tempdrop saves you time - and in more ways than one! There is the obvious benefit of not having to wake at the same time every morning - giving you more efficient time to sleep.

But it also saves you time in that you can sync your Tempdrop whenever it is most convenient for you! Some devices on the market right now require that you sync within 60 minutes of waking up. Not Tempdrop! We do recommend syncing after each time you wear it if possible, but that can be right when you wake up, before you turn it on for the next night, or any time in between. If you're late for work, you won't miss vital information. And if you go off grid for a few days, you'll still have your data then too.

2. Lasts a long time

When we say a long time, we mean a long time in the tech world. Many tech devices you may expect to replace every 2 years, especially if they're being used on a daily basis for so many hours. However, we still have plenty of early users still using their original device, 5+ years later! This means lower cost when/if you do eventually need to replace it, but it also means fewer devices going to the landfill. Many companies like Ovusense have devices are only meant to be used for 1-2 years (Ovusense specifically is 1 year).

One of the ways we provide the ability to use Tempdrop for a long time is that you can change out your battery when it dies, rather than relying on a rechargeable battery - or just not being able to replace it. The battery used in our device is a simple, low-cost battery you should be able to find at almost any convenience store.

3. Short wearing time with high accuracy

Did you know that you only have to wear Tempdrop for 3 hours to get a reliable temperature? We don't even qualify those hours as sleeping hours, which many other devices do! That means if you've just had a baby and are up every 2 hours, your temperature is still going to sync right into your app and you can rely on it. It's similar with shift workers who get unexpectedly called into work - if you only slept for a few hours first, you'll still get a usable temperature.

And yes! Our algorithm does make sure that the temperature is accurate and usable. You can rely on it, whatever your intentions are in using fertility awareness. That's whether you had a shorter wear time than you usually do, or with any other disturbance. We wrote our algorithm and built our device knowing that life happens, but we still need reliable information.

4. Community

Women talking with each other

We understand that our device is nothing without the users, and we've taken that to a new level and built a community of our users! Once you own a Tempdrop, you can join our exclusive Facebook group. We have experts from our team, as well as experts from the fertility awareness community who love helping others out in our group! We make posts to encourage sharing and asking questions, and we even have a network of clinicians and professionals who love jumping in to help.

On top of that, we love to hear feedback from customers! We love hearing your experiences through the Facebook group and even sent to our corporate email. We use that to make your Tempdrop experience even better.

5. Non invasive

This is a big one for so many of our users. Many other wearable femtech devices are invasive, and worn in the vagina. That can possibly disturb your cervical mucus observations, or even increase the risk of infection. You also can't wear these devices immediately postpartum. For some, wearing something in the vagina may not be an issue, but there's so much accurate data out there without requiring something so invasive, and that's what Tempdrop is here to give you! 

6. You choose how to use your data

This benefit is twofold.

  1. You can manually interpret your data for free in our app.
  2. Your data is private and yours.

Our free app will let you sync and gather your data from the device. In the app, you have the ability to manually interpret your charts, even without a subscription. This is because we believe that this data is yours and you should be able to use it in any way you see fit, and for our customers that means being able to use that data to chart your fertility without needing other resources.

We collect your data only so that you can use it! You control what data we have (only what you put in the app!), and you can decide to have it erased at any point. We don't sell the data of our users, nor do we give it away.

If you want to learn more about how we keep your data private, read on here.

7. Sleep tracking

More and more people are learning about the benefits of tracking your sleep - both quality and quantity. With Tempdrop, you don't need another device in order to get this data! Tempdrop's premium feature includes sleep data charted out for you, including a few key insights. You can wear a single device to get both sleep and fertility data.

8. Low cost, free resources, and subscription is completely optional

The price of Tempdrop when compared to similar devices and other femtech devices in general is actually quite low for all of the benefits you're getting. We concede that is more expensive than a basal body thermometer that you use each morning, waking up every day at the same time, wondering if your data is reliable. Our device provides so many benefits that the cost - in our and our customers' opinions - is worth it.

We also provide a variety of free resources to our users: our app, blogs, guides, and so much more! All because we love the world of fertility awareness as much as you do and know the resources can sometimes be scarce. We do have a premium version of our app available at a low subscription fee. However, you get all core functionality and ability to chart with just our free version, as well. We also have integration with many of the top femtech apps out there, making it convenient for you to use whichever is your favorite.


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