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Menstrual Cycle Tracker | Basal Temp Charting Tool

Your All-In-One Fertility Monitor

Tempdrop brings the full fertility tracking solution to your smartphone. Whether you are looking to increase your chances of conceiving, or are practicing fertility awareness methods, Tempdrop is tailored to you.

The simple way to track your fertility

  • All-in-one solution

    All-in-one solution

    Tempdrop’s wearable sensor and accompanying charting app brings the full fertility charting solution to your smartphone.

  • Backed by science

    Backed by science

    Tempdrop uses the latest scientific knowledge to bring you an accurate method of cycle tracking and identification of your fertile window.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Wear the Tempdrop sensor on your upper arm during sleep and sync to our charting app whenever it's convenient.

  • Sleep in, no problem

    Sleep in, no problem

    Tempdrop‘s sensor continuously monitors your basal body temperature while you sleep, eliminating the need to wake up at the same time each day.

  • Smart learning algorithm
  • Safe & non-invasive
  • Supportive community
  • Zero radiation

Trusted by doctors & experts

  • <p><strong>Dr. Alicia Thompson</strong>, Obstetrician<br/>gynecologist </p>

    Dr. Alicia Thompson, Obstetrician

    I'm passionate about Tempdrop and eager to see how far it can go to help women learn about their bodies.
  • <p><strong>Dr. Mona Wiggins</strong>, Doctor of Nursing Practice, FAM Educator & Cycle Coach</p>

    Dr. Mona Wiggins, Doctor of Nursing Practice, FAM Educator & Cycle Coach

    When I came across an easier answer to monitoring BBT I was mesmerized.
  • <p><strong>Megan Maitland</strong>, Women’s Health Expert</p>

    Megan Maitland, Women’s Health Expert

    Tempdrop cuts through all the inaccuracies that can go along with basal body temperature tracking, and I love that it can be used by women who don’t have regular sleep schedules or have irregular periods.
  • <p><strong>Tarina Mosley</strong>, Certified Fertility Awareness Educator</p>

    Tarina Mosley, Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

    I love this product. I purchased one of the original Tempdrops and have been obsessed ever since. I highly recommend Tempdrop to my clients.
  • <p><strong>DR. Meagan Breining</strong>, Naturopathic Doctor</p>

    DR. Meagan Breining, Naturopathic Doctor

    I want to be able to share Tempdrop with anyone who is willing to listen! I believe fertility awareness is highly under-utilized & I love how Tempdrop's team wants to increase education about FAM's.