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Tempdrop’s Fertility Tracker: Expert Review by Dr. Mona Wiggins 2024 – Fertile Ground – Tempdrop Blog

Tempdrop’s Fertility Tracker: Expert Review by Dr. Mona Wiggins 2024

Dr. Mona Wiggins - Writer for Tempdrop
By Dr. Mona Wiggins
Korana Braun - Editor for Tempdrop
Edited by Korana Braun
Gemma Rigby
Fact-check by Gemma Rigby

Updated November 16, 2023.

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker | Armband & App

Dr. Mona Wiggins is a doctor of nursing practice, fertility awareness educator, and cycle coach with over 15 years of medical experience. Her passion and goal in life is to empower women to shamelessly embrace their bodies and divine feminine wisdom through cyclical living, fertility awareness, and holistic health education.

As a medical provider and fertility awareness educator, I love seeing the world of Femtech (or female technology) expand! But with all the options out there, it can be challenging to choose a method that is correct for you.

So many products out there will use predictive algorithms to tell you when you're fertile and when you're not. While this may be what some people are looking for, the products I recommend are the ones that allow you to gain body literacy, and that give you the education so that you can track your own data and make decisions based on your knowledge of your own body.

Fertility Awareness: Symptothermal Method Explained

The symptothermal method of fertility awareness is the method that I use, teach, and love. It involves monitoring and tracking what happens to your body to understand your cycles, your hormones, and your fertility.

Our basal body temperatures (BBT) have a two-part or biphasic pattern in our cycles that are overall low before ovulation and overall high after ovulation. By tracking our BBT along with other cycle parameters such as cervical fluid, cervix positioning, and/or LH testing, we can determine when or if we ovulate.

The symptothermal method can be used to :

  • Increase chances of pregnancy by understanding when you're fertile
  • Understand hormonal health and identify potential hormonal imbalances
  • Support cycle syncing where you live aligned with the energies of your cycles
  • Gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of your body, cycles, hormones, and fertility

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Tempdrop Fertility Tracker at a Glance

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker | Armband & AppTempdrop Fertility Tracker | Armband & App | PackageTempdrop Fertility Tracker |  smart thermometer and charting appKnow your cycle with Tempdrop without sacrificing sleep.Tempdrop Fertility Tracker | Tempdrop Monitor 2.0 - With A New And Improved Fabric Armband
Tempdrop Fertility Tracker


Traditionally, fertility awareness methods can be difficult for some women to use or be consistent with, particularly BBT monitoring, because there are many things that affect our temperatures, such as the time the temperature is taken, poor sleep, alcohol, food close to bed, stress, and more. Each of these factors can make more traditional oral basal body temperature monitoring more confusing or difficult to interpret.

What Is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop fertility and ovulation tracker is a wearable device that helps filter out these confusing factors and can therefore make temperatures and cycle findings, like ovulation, easier to interpret, making the cycle charting journey easier overall.

How does Tempdrop work?

Instead of taking a manual waking BBT, Tempdrop offers continuous night-time monitoring to give you a true nightly sleeping temperature. Their algorithm learns your unique nightly and monthly patterns to filter variables that can otherwise skew BBT results.

In addition to monitoring BBTs, Tempdrop also allows you to enter your additional cycle findings to offer a more robust picture of your hormones and fertility. While they do offer an algorithm that can interpret your cycle for you, I highly recommend learning to track and interpret your own data for the most accurate and empowering journey.


  • Most accurate fertility monitor
  • Precise BBT measurements
  • Wearable design ensures ease of use and comfort throughout the night
  • Allows for uninterrupted sleep as temperature readings are taken during the night
  • Easy to enter additional cycle findings
  • Provides valuable insights into fertility patterns and comprehensive cycle charting


  • Understanding the app's features and interpreting temperature data may require some initial learning and adjustment

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

4.9/5(644 reviews)

How to Use Tempdrop

Using Tempdrop is simple—each night before bed, you turn the device on and wear it on your upper arm as you sleep. It does the tracking for you and filtering for you, allowing you to wake up in the morning with an accurate reading. See the video for more information and an explanation of how to wear Tempdrop.

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My Verdict & Experience

I started using Tempdrop back in 2020 as I was working on healing my gut and hormones. At that time in my journey, I was struggling with insomnia which made BBT monitoring and using fertility awareness very difficult.

Tempdrop helped to filter out the confusion in my temperatures so I could more accurately identify ovulation and my fertile window. While I no longer have insomnia issues, I have continued using Tempdrop because of the ease and comfort it gives me in my charting journey. It has been a wonderful tool for many of my clients that have insomnia, are breastfeeding, are shift workers, or just those who want more ease in the process.

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Fertility Tracker Alternatives

There are many options out there for tracking your BBT and cycle data. Traditional BBT tracking is done through an oral thermometer which can easily be found on Amazon, and there are many fertility apps, which can track your additional cycle data.

If you're looking for a method or an app, I encourage you to look at the research and choose methods that allow you to be the expert on your body. Research the various types of fertility awareness and then choose a method that fits you and your current life goals.

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Bottom Line: Is Tempdrop Fertility Tracker Worth It?

It depends on you and your unique situation, finances, and what you desire to track. However, if you're looking for an easy and accurate way to track your BBTs then I highly recommend Tempdrop as a tool.

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

4.9/5(644 reviews)