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3rd Party Fertility Charting Apps and Partnerships

3rd Party Fertility Charting Apps and Partnerships

Charting app options

Tempdrop comes with it's own inbuilt charting option, providing you an all-in-one solution however, we are unique in that we support data and charting freedom. 

Tempdrop can be used with every respected fertility charting app out there by manually inputting your results. However, we want to make it easier for you by auto integrating with as many as possible. 

This step means your Tempdrop temp will automatically upload into your charting app after you retrieve your temp each day.* 

Below is an updated list of apps that we are currently auto integrated with:


Chart Neo
Read Your Body


Chart Neo
Read Your Body


Other Partnerships

We use our own and third-party analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Google FireBase, and Facebook to better understand how users interact with us so that we can personalize and improve. These tools do not collect personal Tempdrop use data. 

We at times use third-party service providers, who assist us with the internal operation of the Tempdrop sensor and app including:


*Using our official Tempdrop syncing app (Apple Store, Google Play). We do not operate or monitor Third Party Apps that integrate with Tempdrop temps. We assume no responsibility or liability for any use of such Third Party Apps or their availability and we bear no responsibility for your decision to use such Third Party Apps and the consequences of doing so.