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Dealing with stress during the holiday period

Dealing with stress during the holiday period

December 08, 2023

Dealing with stress during the holiday period

Whether we like it or not, the winter holidays are here. Holidays can be stressful - for a variety of reasons (infertility, travel, social commitments, finding the perfect presents, money, early pregnancy, a new baby, etc.), or for seemingly no reason at all. At Tempdrop we want to give you some tips for making it through the holidays with your emotional health intact.

Whilst we know that these tips won't eradicate your stress, we hope our 5 recommendations can make for a less stressful season. 

1. Don't Over-Commit

It seems like everyone has a party or event during the holidays. Think about how much and what type of socializing you would like to do this season. Don't go to events just because you feel obligated to. Go to them because you want to be there. And if you do feel obligated, try going for just a short time.

If you think it will be helpful, schedule some downtime! This could be something as simple as watching a holiday or winter movie at home alone or just with your immediate family, half an hour out of the chaos to read a book, listen to a podcast, or journal alone.

2. Meal Plan

Couple eating healthy food

It's so easy to turn to junk food during the holidays - let's face it - it's definitely plentiful in stores right now! Don't worry about indulging sometimes, but try making a meal plan where you also have the opportunity to take in food that's more nutritionally dense. This will help you feel more energized and ready for what you have coming up, as well as decrease your trips to the store!

For some nutrition tips from a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, check out our Nutrition During the Holidays blog!

3. Take a Walk

Maintaining a rigorous exercise routine during the holidays can be difficult. If you're struggling with exercise, try switching to something a little easier like walking for a few weeks. You can go with family or friends you're trying to catch up with, or you can go alone for a little breather. Walking is low impact, gets you fresh air, and can help you rejuvenate your energy levels.

4. Remember You're Not the Only One

Remember that the holidays are stressful for a lot of people. If you're finding yourself overwhelmed but can't step out of the situation at the time, try sharing how you feel with someone you trust - whether that means a quick phone call or talking to someone present with you. Sharing with someone you trust will help allow them to support you, (and possibly for you to support them as well). 

5. Prioritize

Easier said than done, but prioritize your emotional health during this season. This might mean that you are unable to chart your cycles, that you need to take a break from trying to get conceive, eating out more, or anything else that's taking up too much of your energy. If your holidays include presents, consider gift bags - reusable or single-use.

If you still want to continue charting and make use of your fertile window during the holidays then Tempdrop is your go-to device. It tracks your BBT while you sleep, stores 24 hours of data (3 nights worth), and is a stress-free way to get accurate, reliable temperatures.

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