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You Bought a Tempdrop, Now What?

You Bought a Tempdrop, Now What?

December 29, 2021

You Bought a Tempdrop, Now What?

Congratulations! You’re the new owner of a Tempdrop. We are so excited for you, because no matter what your fertility goals are - any family planning intention, tracking health, or just wanting to get to know how your body works, buying a Tempdrop is a step closer to your goal!

Tempdrop makes charting simpler than ever before: 

  • it takes away the need to be rigid with waking times,
  • it not only tracks your sleeping temperature, it also charts it for you, 
  • you can track multiple fertility biomarkers in one easy and intuitive app, and
  • you can choose to use manual interpretation for your chosen fertility awareness method - or
  • you can choose to use our predictions and interpretations with a premium subscription.

Getting Started

    woman wearing a Tempdrop

    We've put together some useful tips and resources to help you when you first start out: 

    1. When you first get your Tempdrop, you will need to know how to use it and how to wear it. We've included a short instruction leaflet in your box, but you can also visit our online dedicated user site, which is also accessible directly from the Tempdrop app (from the main menu select 'Help & FAQs'). This is the place to visit for all your questions, including understanding how the Tempdrop algorithm works

    2. Joining the Tempdrop Facebook group is incredibly helpful for getting started with Tempdrop! We highly recommend it, especially if you have questions about Tempdrop or your charts. The group consists of existing Tempdrop users, long term fertility awareness fans, fertility awareness educators, and clinicians - there's a wealth of knowledge to be found in this group on every topic around fertility. 

    3. Read Tempdrop start guide to fertility awarenessour free Starter Guide to Fertility Awareness. If you didn't read this guide before purchasing a Tempdrop, we highly recommend it as this will give you an overview of the phases of your menstrual cycle and the hormones involved. 

    4. Utilize our other free resources, such as: 

    • Our blog articles - each week we post at least one article discussing key topics, information related to what our users are asking for, community stories and so much more.  
    • Our YouTube channel, where we post charting videos, video FAQs, and useful tips. 
    • Our other social media pages - Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest contain updates about the Tempdrop app, tips, and information about nutrition and charting, and we also post mythbusters and quizzes!
    • Our monthly newsletter - stay up to date with Tempdrop news, offers and women's health tips.

    Next, pick something to chart on

    Two women checking a fertility chart on a cell phone together

    Now that you have your Tempdrop set up and are ready to start taking your temperature, you’ll need somewhere to record your temperatures. We highly recommend our charting app - it keeps all your data in one place, you can choose to interpret your own data or use our predictions and interpretations and you can add multiple fertility biomarkers and other information!

    Alternatively you can use a paper chart or an app that we auto integrate with,(such as Ovuview, Read Your Body, ChartNeo). Whatever you choose, remember that day 1 of your cycle is the first day of full bleeding, and you don’t need to wait for a new cycle to start using your Tempdrop. Start charting as soon as possible. 

    Choose a fertility awareness based method (FABM)

    Your basal body temperature tells you where you are in your cycle by indicating whether ovulation has happened or not. After ovulation, you will be able to see a slight rise in temperature due to the presence of progesterone. You will want to choose a fertility awareness based method of interpreting your temperatures, by reading materials and resources about your chosen method or by taking a course with a trained fertility awareness educator. 

    While you are choosing a method of interpreting your charts, you may also want to choose a method to track your other fertility signs such as cervical mucus or LH tests etc.

    By fully learning a method, you will be able to

    • identify if and when ovulation took place,
    • have rules for when it is safe to have unprotected sex if trying to avoid pregnancy, 
    • optimize your time for conception and get pregnant faster if trying to become pregnant.

    No matter what your intentions, if you're using Tempdrop for family planning, we recommend also tracking your cervical mucus as an additional sign to help you identify approaching ovulation - just add this information to your Tempdrop app.

    Thanks to Tempdrop, this process has never been easier. Happy charting!

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