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Top Go-To Resources for Endometriosis

Top Go-To Resources for Endometriosis

March 17, 2023

Top Go-To Resources for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is one of the most common gynecologic problems and a leading cause of both hospitalization and hysterectomy (though hysterectomy is no longer recommended by specialists as a treatment). 

Endometriosis is the presence and growth of endometrial-like tissue in locations outside of the uterus. The sections of tissue that make up endometriosis are called endometrial lesions. Common locations include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel, bladder, peritoneal tissue, ligaments or other structures in the abdominal cavity. However, these lesions aren't restricted to the abdominal cavity and can be found in other places throughout the body.

These lesions often cause pain, heavy bleeding, bloating, insomnia among other symptoms. 

If you suspect you personally have endo, have been diagnosed with endo or know someone who has then the following resources will be a great place to get more information as well as support.

Research & Information

Nancy’s Nook: https://nancysnookendo.com/

One of the best educational resources for endometriosis is called Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis Education. You can join the Facebook group, or check out the website. The founder, Nancy Peterson, lived with severe endometriosis for many, many years. She is a nurse, and has been an endometriosis educator and advocate for a long time. She’s spent many years creating worldwide lists of true endometriosis specialists and well-performed studies, which are available on the above linked website and group

Getting Diagnosed

Speak Endo: https://www.speakendo.com/about-endometriosis/testing

Learn about how to get a diagnosis and how to manage living with Endo.

Complete Guide

Tempdrop: Endo Guide and clinicians guide

This guide is designed to help you better consult with clinicians and professionals, especially when seeking support and advice about Endometriosis. 

Personal Stories & Living with Endo

The Endo Space: https://www.instagram.com/the__endo__space/

Christy and Hannah run a page on Instagram and a Facebook group. Their instagram page shows the realities of endometriosis and their personal journeys. Their aim is to create awareness and provide support. 

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