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How Can I Prepare For My Period?

How Can I Prepare For My Period?

Each cycle, we journey through the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Each phase has its own unique gifts and challenges. In the luteal phase (after ovulation up to your next period) your progesterone takes over as the dominant hormone, and your mood and energy gradually begin to fade.

For this reason, understanding your hormones and feelings in this phase can help you plan ahead so that you can have a better period. Here are some of our recommended actions to take, as you prepare for your period: 

  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water can help reduce bloating. 
  • Adjust your exercise routine: Your energy levels are lower and your body craves more rest, so adjust your workout schedule accordingly to more gentle exercises, such as pilates or walking. These can also help reduce stress. 
  • Nourish yourself: Incorporate foods rich in iron, such as leafy greens and lean proteins, to support energy levels and combat fatigue.
  • Rest and Relaxation: Prioritize self-care activities like meditation, hot baths, cozying up with a book or even taking a short nap, to manage stress and ease tension.
  • If possible, reduce social commitments to a minimum: You’ll likely feel less social (more inward), and you might even feel more sensitive to criticism or critical of others.
  • Plan simple meals ahead and if possible freeze them to give you more time to rest during your period. 

By becoming more in sync with your cycle, you can plan out your weeks, (and even months) to be supportive of your unique cycle patterns. You’ll also learn to take advantage of the high-energy days and find ways to support your body on your low-energy days better.

Learn more about the luteal phase here: https://www.tempdrop.com/blogs/blog/what-is-the-luteal-phase?_pos=1&_sid=52cda914a&_ss=r

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