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4 Easy Steps to Start Practicing Fertility Awareness

November 05, 2021

4 Easy Steps to Start Practicing Fertility Awareness

The world of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) is large and varied. There are plenty of methods to choose from, decisions to make about how you'll learn your method, and then getting comfortable with the method you're using! For many people just starting out, it's a lot to take in just to get started. But don't be discouraged. You can get started in just a few easy steps!

1. Fertility Awareness Guide

Your Starter Guide to Fertility Awareness

Download Your Starter Guide to Fertility Awareness for free! Our guide goes over the basics of FABMs and the science behind them. You'll learn the basics from experts, helping you jump start your FABM journey!

We created the guide as a starting point, so you'll want to keep learning through our articles, an instructor, and other guides. Other good resources include the manual for the method you are planning to use and Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

2. Download the Tempdrop app

The Tempdrop app (Android/iOS) is a great place to sync your Tempdrop if you have one, and it's also a charting app! We believe that you should be able to use your data with whatever method you choose, so we made it easy to turn on manual charting! If you're trying to conceive and just want to go with the flow, we also have options to help you interpret your symptoms.

3. Buy a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Thermometer

Woman wearing a Tempdrop sensor

A cheap $20 BBT thermometer (make sure it's a BBT not a fever thermometer!) from the pharmacy will work just fine. But if you want to make your temping routine easier and your temperatures more accurate, you can invest in a Tempdrop!

Tempdrop is a thermometer you wear overnight on your arm. In the morning (or when convenient), you'll sync it with our app and get your temperature for the night. It's hassle-free and can be used with any intentions and any temping protocol. It's amazing for shift workers, postpartum mamas, and anyone else who wants just a little less stress with their temping.

4. Join the Tempdrop Facebook group

If you have a Tempdrop, join our Facebook group! We have over 10K members, comprising of new and veteran individuals - and everything in between! Our community is great about helping each other.

If you don't have a Tempdrop, you can join our Exploring Tempdrop group, and there are other great Facebook groups like the Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control group.

So there you have it. The four easy steps to take if you would like to get started with the Symptothermal Method of Fertility Awareness. What are you waiting for?!

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