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8 Fertility Awareness Instagram Accounts That You Have to Follow

Once you dive into the world of fertility awareness, you realize that it’s a whole world of revelations, calmness, and a beautiful approach to understanding your body. We rounded up some of our favorite Instagram accounts for a daily dose of information, real-life stories, and endless inspiration.

Here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts: 

Lara Briden is a pioneer in the fertility awareness world and the author of the no.1  bestseller  Period Repair Manual. It’s a guide to better periods using natural alternatives like healthy eating, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, and natural hormones. Lara Briden’s Instagram is a super helpful resource for understanding your body. And now, until we run out of stock! We are giving away a copy of Lara’s book with every purchase of Tempdrop Confidence or Freedom!

Dig deep into knowledge at the  Fertility Awareness Project. With her inspiring audio bundles, explanations, and in-depth information, FAM instructor Nathalie Daudet highlights many facets of engaging with your cycle and fertility.

On the "Your Cycle Story" Instagram page, you can discover your hormonal superpowers. Susann Pickard is all about empowering yourself through your body. She has amazing courses about tracking your fertility, lots of handy information, and food for thought.

Fertility Friday is one of the top fertility awareness accounts on Instagram, and there is so much to learn. FAE, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is the best-selling author of “The Fifth Vital Sign,” and Lisa hosts the Fertility Friday Podcast. Lisa interviews both FAM users and a range of professionals to bring you insights that are often hidden or left unspoken.

On Famtastic Fertility, you can learn more about fertility awareness for birth control. FAM educator, Megan McNamara, gives tips on supporting hormones, navigating ovulation and mindfulness, and much more.

You are what you eat. And what you eat helps you feel good about your body. That's why we love how Cory Ruth, the Women’s Dietitian, provides a daily dose of positive energy, ideas for stress management, hormone superfoods, and more.

From charting to cervical fluid,  FAM educator Sophia of Sage Fertility explains it all. Check it out to get all your questions answered.

Naturopath and Fertility Expert Jacqui Lamplugh talks about hormones, fertility, and pregnancy and is the author of “The Honest Hormone Handbook.” She is not afraid to touch on thrush, uncomfortable hormonal symptoms, and not so popular topics. Also, go there for a dose of affirmations and positivity.

We also cover many topics on the Tempdrop blog, and we have some of the top experts in the field as part of our team. From ovulation and well being to self-care and perimenopause, It’s all here. Follow us on Instagram here.