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Why should I track other symptoms?

Why should I track other symptoms?

Adding your cervical mucus (also known as cervical fluid) observations to the Tempdrop app will help you to identify your fertile window in real-time. The quality of cervical mucus increases as you approach ovulation, making it a key sign for you to track to help you understand whether it’s possible to get pregnant, or not. 

Cervical mucus (CM) has two main purposes:

  1. to sustain and move sperm when you’re fertile, and
  2. to protect against infection both when you’re fertile and infertile.

To learn more about the importance of tracking it, we have a plethora of resources for you in the Tempdrop app (Tempdrop Academy Lessons, available with Tempdrop Premium subscription), on our resources page, and also many articles on our website - just type "cervical mucus" into the search bar. 

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