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Terms and Conditions of the Chart Review

Terms and Conditions of the Chart Review

We want to connect you with a group of highly skilled fertility awareness educators who are passionate about helping you on your fertility awareness journey. If you would like their assistance with understanding your chart you can choose which of the practitioners you would like to work with, regardless of location.  However, only one free chart review will be offered to each Tempdrop user. 

Please note there are terms and conditions applied to this chart review offering. These are set out below. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum Charting Period: To be eligible for a free chart review, you must have charted with Tempdrop for a minimum of two months (60 days). This ensures that the educator has sufficient data to provide you with meaningful feedback. If you have not completed the first 60 days of charting the review will be rejected. 
  • Your Data: Your contact information and any personal data collected as part of the chart review form will be provided to the educator that you selected. By choosing an educator, you consent to the sharing of your data with that educator. 
  • One Free Chart Review: Each user is entitled to one free chart review.
  • Further services: If you wish to have additional charts reviewed, you should ask the educator directly whether she is able and willing to do so, and discuss with her the terms and fees for her continued services. The educator may also offer to continue the review, offer other services, or answer additional questions you may have. These follow-up activities or services are at the discretion of the educator, and subject to your mutual discussion and agreement about the terms and fees for these follow-up activities.
  • Right to Decline Review: The educator reserves the right to decline a chart review if they determine that there is insufficient data or if they believe that your specific situation requires a more in-depth consultation.
  • Responsibility: Tempdrop is not responsible or liable in any way, for the educator’s acts or activities, including the content of the advice she provides, any marketing activities she engages in, or any transactions or dealings between you and the educator. You will have no plea, claim or demand against Tempdrop regarding any of the above. The educator is an independent provider and Tempdrop does not hold any responsibility for the chart review, follow-up recommendations, or pricing.