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Ovulation Confirmed - How?

Ovulation Confirmed - How?

You may be confused about how you can confirm ovulation. Whether you are using Tempdrop in manual mode or using Tempdrop’s premium subscription, here are some tips to help you understand what to look for: 

  1. You are looking for a change in your cervical mucus pattern. From a fertile-type pattern to a dry pattern. You will want to identify Peak day (P) which is the last day you observed the most fertile type for you before it changes back down to a less fertile type (or none at all). You should continue to mark this in your app for a minimum of 3 days after Peak Day
  2. You are looking for a sustained temperature rise. Due to the hormone progesterone, your BBT will rise 0.4F -1F (0.2C - 0.5C). If your temperature doesn’t stay elevated then refer to the rules of your chosen fertility awareness method. 

If you are also tracking your luteinizing hormone, remember that it can take a few days to see a temperature rise after your positive result.

Also remember that a positive LH is not confirmation that you ovulated, just that your body is trying to ovulate. But don’t despair keep tracking and remember that this data you are collecting is helping you to learn even more about your own body. 

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