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What is Tempdrop?

What is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is a smart wearable thermometer and charting app combo that brings an all-in-one fertility monitor to your smartphone. 

The Tempdrop sensor is worn on the upper arm during sleep to accurately derive a core nightly sleeping body temperature for the purposes of ovulation tracking. Tempdrop is uniquely able to arrive at an accurate body temperature thanks to a combination of advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms. Combine temperatures with other fertility symptom tracking within the app to pinpoint ovulation each cycle. Our charting app has a free version option or you can choose to upgrade to our premium features to take advantage of automatic cycle interpretation and fertility insights. As a bonus, our premium option allows you to track your sleep data as well. 

If you’re, trying to conceive, charting to know your body, or practicing fertility awareness long-term, Tempdrop is designed to take the stress out of ovulation tracking. For those that are postpartum, have irregular cycles, work shifts, are a light sleeper, or love to sleep-in, Tempdrop delivers accurate cycle tracking data that is tailored to you.

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