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Introducing Mel Angus, Tempdrop Support!

Introducing Mel Angus, Tempdrop Support!

October 17, 2018

Introducing Mel Angus, Tempdrop Support!

We have an exciting announcement to make. We would like to introduce our official customer support representative, Mel Angus. After working behind the scenes for quite some time, Mel has already proven to be an invaluable asset to the Tempdrop team. We couldn't be more honored to officially have her on board.

It is important that everyone involved with Tempdrop be as passionate about fertility awareness as our customers. We asked Mel to share a little about herself and her Tempdrop story.

G'day from Australia to all the Tempdrop family! 

A little about myself before I get to my STM, FAM, and Tempdrop story. I come from a rural Australian background. I grew up in outback Queensland on a remote beef cattle station (ranch) and then married into a similar cattle grazing family.

My husband and I had a change of circumstances in 2009 which meant leaving the station life, but we still own a few horses and grab any opportunity to go bush (into the outback), mustering cattle whenever we can. We now move around periodically, experiencing life in different corners of our huge country, but mostly stick to living in the less populated, isolated parts of Australia where we feel at home.

I discovered the Sympto-thermal Method (STM) of fertility awareness in 2016 while researching alternatives to hormonal birth control and am so glad I made the switch. Stopping HBC and balancing my hormones has changed my life and health in ways I didn't think possible.

My only regret is not knowing sooner and I am passionate about advocating STM/FAM so more women can have the opportunity to understand how much their cycle and hormones can impact their overall health.

I came across the Tempdrop website while doing my research and decided to order because I wanted the best temping option out there. I pre-purchased before it was ready to launch and it was another 10 months before Tempdrop got to my door. 

During that long wait I thought about cancelling my Tempdrop order several times. As it turned out, I didn't have any problems with oral temping giving me unclear charts (at least I thought they were clear enough until I started using Tempdrop), but something about Tempdrop intrigued me. I wanted to put it to the test to see if it would provide an easier temping option that I could recommend to others as I encouraged more to try fertility charting.

So, with the mindset of putting this little sensor through its paces for those charting to avoid pregnancy like me, I jumped headlong into the Facebook user group to observe and gather information once I received it. I wanted to know everything about how it worked and soon started communicating with Michael behind the scenes to give feedback, ask questions, and generally pester him as I followed different comments from him and the users in the group. 

During one messaging session Michael mentioned he was looking for someone to help with Tempdrop support (many of you will remember the time when emails weren't answered in any rush). As a joke, I said he could always pay me. At the time I was running my own cleaning business here in Australia and thought some extra work for a different type of client, doing something I enjoy, would be a nice change (plus I was spending way to much time on that Facebook group anyway).

Straight away he organized to "e-meet" me formally via a video chat and I started to delve into the world of Tempdrop support. Little did I know that this "small amount of extra work" would lead to something much bigger. The role has grown with the company and within just a few short months I have completely transitioned away from cleaning to working solely as Tempdrop's remote customer support representative.

It has been exciting to be part of the Tempdrop team during the start up phase and while it has it's challenges, it is a very rewarding experience to see the difference this device is making to the charting life of women everywhere. So just like my change to STM/FAM back in 2016, I am glad I made the switch. 

I look forward to each new phase of Tempdrop as I continue to help each of you, our Tempdrop users. Hopefully this insight into how we, as a team, are scattered around the world will help you to understand why at times it may take a little longer to get you answers. Please be rest assured that we are always looking out for you.  

I want to finish by saying thank you to Michael for looking outside the box when it comes to choosing your growing team and allowing me to be part of it,



We are thrilled to have Mel as a part of the Tempdrop team as we move forward. Welcome aboard, Mel!

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