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Gift guide for expectant mothers

Gift guide for expectant mothers

December 17, 2022

Gift guide for expectant mothers

Do you have a family member (perhaps even your wife), or a friend who is expecting her first (or second, or third, or even fourth) baby? Wondering what to buy her as a present? 

It’s difficult to find that unique, appreciated gift for the expectant mum, so we’ve put together our top recommendations that are not only beautiful but are also useful. 

Grandmother caring for baby while Mom gets some rest
  • Time and support. Gifts don’t necessarily have to cost anything! In fact, many of the best gifts don't cost any money at all. The cost of your time and support might be the gift the expectant woman really needs. Many new moms are expected to do almost all of the work on their own, so breaks are always welcome! Why not create a gift card offering to cook a meal, do some laundry, run an errand, or even babysit for an hour or two so she can take a shower, take a nap, or paint her nails?
  • Pamper kit. Put together a pamper kit with all of her favorite products. This may seem like an obvious gift option, but having a travel selection of her favorite products to take with her to the hospital can make all the difference. Why not include some cold-pressed oils, scented candles, lip balm, slipper socks, etc.
  • Flowers or chocolates. Send flowers - what more can we say on this one, everyone loves flowers! Consider sending live flowers that require little care, or a treat for her to enjoy before baby gets here.
  • Thermal cup. Buy her a thermal cup. She will be so busy (and perhaps even feel a little overwhelmed) that the chances are she’ll make a cup of her favorite tea, coffee, or other warm drink. Then by the time she comes to drink it, it will be cold. Having a thermal cup will make life that much easier and ensure that she gets time to enjoy her drink, while it’s still hot will be appreciated. 
  • Tempdrop. Last, but definitely not least, buy her a Tempdrop! A Tempdrop kit can help your loved one navigate postpartum charting with ease and know when to expect her return of fertility and her first period after baby. 


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