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Tempdrop - Confidence

$199.00 USD
Tempdrop - Confidence - Tempdrop

Tempdrop - Confidence

$199.00 USD

 You've selected the Confidence package. 

Confidence comes with:

  • Tempdrop BBT sensor
  • Display app (iOS & Android)
  • Original (white) armband
  • Travel pouch
  • 24-month manufacturer's warranty
  • 12-month refund guarantee
  • Free international shipping

    Buyers Outside the United States

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    About Tempdrop Care

    You are eligible to add Tempdrop Care which gives you insurance against accidental damage or loss for one year from the date of purchase. When purchased with Tempdrop Confidence, it is available at a discounted rate of $45 (50% off $89). Insurance T&Cs:

    • The first replacement sensor is free!
    • Additional sensors are subject to a $49 fee
    • There is a $19 processing fee for every accidental damage claim
    • Armband replacements can be added to each sensor replacement for an additional $9
    • International shipping is included 
    • Your original sensor will be deactivated

    What's included

    • Sensor
    • Standard or large armbands
    • Carrying pouches
    • ​User manual​
    • Battery Replacement wand

    Technical specifications

    • Sensors

      • Temperature (multichannel)
      • Tri-axis acceleration
    • Dimensions

      45 x 32 x 10.5mm
    • Weight

      7 gm
    • Size

      • Standard armband circumference: 5.2-14 in or 13-35 cm
      • Large armband circumference: 11-19.7 in or 28-50 cm
    • Battery and Power

      • Power source: 3V lithium CR2032 coin-cell battery
      • Expected battery life: 6-12 months
      • Battery replacement wand included
        Please refer to our battery replacement guide when it's time to change your battery
    • Memory

      Tempdrop's sensor holds 24 hours of data, or about 3 nights of 8 hours. We recommend syncing your Tempdrop sensor daily.
    • Environmental Requirements

      Ideal operating temperatures are 32-95°F (0-35°C). Extreme heat or cold may damage Tempdrop or its accessories. Keep Tempdrop away from sources of heat and fire. Do not expose your Tempdrop to direct sunlight for prolonged periods
    • Materials

      Tempdrop is made of medical grade plastic and stainless steel
    • Water

      Tempdrop is not a waterproof or water-resistant product.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 276 reviews
    Allisyn Maxwell (Williamsport, US)

    Tempdrop - Confidence

    Hillary Fuhrman (Minneapolis, US)
    Huge weight off my mind

    I purchased a Tempdrop to be able to better chart my cycles for PCOS and for hopefully conceiving a baby. It seemed to track my temperatures accurately despite multiple night wakings, and before the month was out, I was able to use the data to fall pregnant! I'm not using it now (pregnant) but looking forward to picking it back up when I deliver this baby to better keep track of my cycles. I'm so glad I found Tempdrop!

    Rebecca Bauer (Perth, GB)
    Love my Tempdrop!

    I started using my Tempdrop at 5 months postpartum with PCOS and have now been using it for 3 months. I love it!

    I’ve been able to temp consistently and get stable numbers when though my sleep is very disturbed by frequent night feeds, I’ve been able to confirm the return of my fertility, and hopefully will be able to use TD to conceive baby #2 next year!

    TD is so easy to use and just works, there is no way I’d be able to have starting temping again with a baby this young without it and believe me, I tried but my temps were just too inconsistent and VERY questionable.

    If you’re questioning whether to get it and whether the cost is worth it, I’d definitely say it has been for me! It’s giving me a window into my health and my body that I couldn’t have otherwise and is helping me to be the healthiest I can be - your cycle is 100% a vital sign of health, don’t ignore it.

    E. (Arlington, US)
    Very Helpful!

    Works exactly like it is advertised, great for use while breastfeeding. My temps line up with MM testing and it's great to have the extra confirmation of ovulation while TTA! Thanks Tempdrop!

    Carolyn (San Francisco, US)
    Excellent for inconsistent sleepers

    I am so glad I got this device. I didn't think I could temp because you have to wake up at the exact same time every day and remember to take your temperature before doing anything else in the morning. That is so restrictive. The TempDrop armband took some getting used to and a few nights of it either falling off or cutting off my circulation, but once I got it right it's been fantastic. The app is also nice and simple and easy to use. I just wish it automatically synced with Fertility Friend.