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Tempdrop Battery Replacement Guide

Battery Replacement Guide (type a)

⚠️WARNING: This guide is for a specific sensor type. To check you have reached the correct guide for your sensor, go to the Tempdrop app Menu>Help & FAQs>Battery replacement guide or contact support.

Please note: Once the sensor is opened, any stored data will be erased so be sure to sync before replacing your battery.

Changing the battery mid-cycle will not affect your temp results.

What you need

 Battery CR2032 3V lithium coin cell battery. It can be purchased on Amazon or at any store with coin cell type (watch) batteries. 
Opening tool

Every Tempdrop ships with a wand to help replace the battery. Alternatively, you can these tools online by searching for an "spudger opening tool." (see example below)

Warning: Do not use a metal tool- this can cause damage and void the warranty




To replace the battery on Tempdrop, you'll want to use fingernails or a plastic tool, not a metal tool like a screwdriver.

 1.Gently use the tool to separate the front and back sides of the Tempdrop sensor according to the indication arrows.

 2. Remove and swap over the battery. Ensure your battery is removed and inserted the correct way. Note how your battery is placed before removing. 

3. Before you reassemble the Tempdrop sensor, make sure that the inner frame arm is clicked down into the bottom shell as indicated below.

4. In order to close the sensor, hold the wider, bottom part as shown and use your other hand to click the two shells together around the edge. Don't press in the middle of the sensor. You should hear a click.

 If you see a gap between the 2 halves, reopen and check the inner frame as outlined in step 3 or reach out to support for more help. 

Any questions? Contact Support