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Tempdrop Battery Replacement Guide

Tempdrop Battery Replacement Guide

Please note: Once the sensor is opened, any stored data will be erased so be sure to sync before replacing your battery.

Changing the battery mid-cycle will not affect your temp results.

What you need


Tempdrop uses an inexpensive CR2032 3V lithium coin cell battery. It can be purchased on Amazon or at any store with coin cell type (watch) batteries. 

Warning: Please ensure warning stickers or plastic cover film are removed from the new battery and the type is correct before inserting. 

Opening tool

Every Tempdrop ships with a wand to help replace the battery. Alternatively, you can find these tools online by searching for an "spudger opening tool." (see example below)

Warning: Do not use a metal tool- this can cause damage and void the warranty


Go to the Tempdrop app menu>Help & FAQs to find the step-by-step battery replacement guide.

If you cannot access the link in your app, please email support@temp-drop.com for instructions. 
  • You will receive a low battery notification in the app when it's time to change your battery. 
  • Tempdrop uses a CR2032 3V lithium coin cell battery which is readily found in stores and online.
  • Opening your Temdrop will erase your last stored recording session, be sure to sync before changing the battery. 
  • Changing the battery mid-cycle will not affect your temp results. 


Any questions? Contact Support