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All Reviews

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Great device

Great device for tracking temp and charting. Achieved pregnancy in first cycle of use. It can be difficult to position correctly and the syncing takes a little practice. Overall, it did what it was supposed to.

Thanks for your feedback and congratulations on your wonderful news!

It could be a genius product but unfortunately the battery replacement is very unintuitive and it feels like the device could harm very easily

Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback. We’re always looking at ways to improve the experience. As with other valuable electronic devices, it’s very important to follow the battery replacement guide to avoid accidental damage. Be sure to reach out to the Support Team if you need any assistance.

Better Sleep, Less Stress

I am a very light sleeper and toss and turn a lot during the night which means taking bbt the traditional ways gives me inaccurate and erratic temperatures. Not to mention I’d get so stressed out about not moving too much in my sleep and taking my temperature at the same time every day that I wasn’t getting any sleep which made my temperatures even more erratic and caused me to be stressed and tired all the time. I finally convinced my husband to let me get the Tempdrop so I wouldn’t have to stress about those things, and oh my gosh it has been a life saver. I sleep so much better because I’m not worried about if my temperature is going to be accurate when I take it. My temperatures have been less erratic and clearly showed a temperature shift after ovulation. It is kind of expensive for what it is (glorified bbt thermometer) but it was worth it for me for my mental health.

Great tool for cycle tracking!

I really like my TempDrop and am glad I bought it. That said, there are 2 important areas where they need to improve:
1. The arm band that comes with it flat out sucks. If I’m paying nearly $200 for this, I expect not to need to buy an additional armband. I tried to make the original one work, but after it fell out of the holder twice while I was sleeping, I gave up and bought one on Etsy. It made me not trust the quality of TempDrop’s newer armbands.
2. It takes too long to sync the Tempdrop to the app. I have to sit there for at least a full minute - this feels unnecessary given how quickly other devices sync. It’s a small thing, but in the moment it’s really annoying.

Overall, I’m super happy with this purchase, but I hope they address these things soon!

Hi and thanks for your feedback. We’re always interested in making improvements. In response to the 2 areas you raised:
1. We’ve developed the fabric armband and because of the good feedback it’s had, it now comes in the Tempdrop kit. There are many, including myself, who still use the classic armband. We are always happy to review if the frame isn’t holding your Tempdrop sensor as it should, just reach out to the Support team.
2. Our developers are working to make the syncing process quicker, so stay tuned for an update!
Thanks for your support.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is great! Quick, responsive, and friendly. They help you solve issues the best way possible!

A+ Tool

I’ve had the Tempdrop for a few months. Purchased the older model prior to the new sleeve coming out.The older band is ok, not the best. Where the device locks into at sometimes pinches my arm when it’s not in properly. The tear drop does not like to stay in place. I think the newer design is better but I haven’t purchased that one yet. I love the fact that it tracks sleep to. I still forget to wear it, cause I don’t place the device in the same spot every day.

Overall it’s a great device.

Thanks for your feedback. Remembering to wearing your Tempdrop every night can take a little getting used to, some find it helpful to set a reminder for themselves until they get in the habit. If you have any concerns with your armband, be sure to reach out to the Support team.

Great option for new moms

An awesome way to track, even with unpredictable sleep habits with a newborn

My only complaint is the arm band. Totally useless. Who puts lace on something you need to guide a small clasp through? It snags every time.

Hi and thanks for your feedback! We're glad Tempdrop has made it possible for you to track your temps whilst having a newborn. With the armband, once you have it adjusted to the correct size, you shouldn’t need to adjust it regularly. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Support team :)

Easy and convenient

Makes tracking temperature easy and convenient. Love all the different features of the app.

Tempdrop Fertility Monitor With Lace Armband
Kathleen Allegretto (Lansing, US)
Not worth the price

Just my opinion, but I don’t think this is worth the price tag. If it was cheaper, I’d recommend it. The band is uncomfortable, the temperature reader falls out of the plastic frame constantly, it takes forever to sync sometimes. I just personally think it’s overpriced for what you get.

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, Kathleen.

Unfortunately, costs have risen globally, and this is a challenge facing all companies. Tempdrop is still more affordable than many wearable devices.

We also provide ongoing support for all Tempdrop users. Please reach out to the Support Team so we can assist with any armband or syncing issues you are having.

Tempdrop Fertility Monitor With Lace Armband
Steph Dirksen (Ngaruawahia, NZ)
Best Tracker!

I absolutely love my tracker. Easy to use and most importantly be consistent with. Has made understanding my cycle patterns really easy and clear. I recommend it to my clients when teaching them about their cycles also. Highly recommend it.

Tempdrop Fertility Monitor With Lace Armband
Darby Jett (Minneapolis, US)
Health Monitor

After struggling with getting my period back with HA, this is an amazing tool to gage my health! Ovulation is a big indicator of health levels, if I maintain a higher temp after ovulation day… I’ve done it!

Love it

I have a fairly irregar sleep schedule and Tempdrop makes it so much easier to chart my BBT. The newer armband is way better. I'm glad they introduced that.

Arm band not great

I really like how convenient the tempdrop is! I work night shift so sometimes I'm sleeping during the day and sometimes at night this makes it really easy to know I'm accurately getting my temps in. My biggest complaint is the armband. For the price of this thermometer the armbandv should be better honestly. I have woken up a few times reached up to my tempdrop and found it had fallen out of the armband while I slept. I also will have to tighten it frequently as an it stretches quickly. When I tighten the band it pinches my arm. I just ordered the fabric band so we will see if that is better and if it is that band should just come with the tempdrop. Seems a little like a money grab putting in a crappy armband and selling a nicer one separately.

Thanks for your feedback Jaycee. We’re glad to hear Tempdrop has been so useful for you during shift work.

We are always trying to improve our product, and support our customers. We developed the fabric armband for customers who don’t find the classic armband sufficient, and it now comes as standard in the Tempdrop kit.

Please reach out to the Support team if you need any assistance.

Cannot live without it!

I absolutely LOVE my Tempdrop! It’s easy to wear and I love waking up and syncing it to check my temperature. It’s very accurate and has helped me tremendously.

Tempdrop Fertility Monitor With Lace Armband
Anonymous (Grand Rapids, US)
Good, Not Great

The arm band is the biggest problem. It's not very comfortable, it's difficult to keep the sensor in place when taking it on and off. The place for the sensor is very thin and fragile. They don't offer the option for the fabric armband with your sensor purchase, they make you buy it separately and the fabric armband very expensive for something so simple. The app is good, though I do wish it gave you more info about how they decide what temp to use out of the recorded temps during the night.

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. We’re sorry that you’ve found the armband uncomfortable, and would be happy to give suggestions on how to improve it.

Please reach out to the Support team if you need any assistance.

Tempdrop Fertility Monitor With Lace Armband
Anonymous (Mountain View, US)
Does the job

It does what is supposed to do. BUT it needs a redesign. The band is uncomfortable and keeps pinching my skin, the plastic part is too hard and gives me purple spots. The bottom is hard to access sometimes.

Hi and thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear the armband has been causing discomfort, and we’d be happy to provide any suggestions that may improve the comfort.

Please reach out to the Support team if you need assistance.

Never going back

I love Tempdrop. I decided to give it a try out of desperation to rid my body of hormonal birth control and all it's many side affects. I will never go back! For years I was too intimidated to learn to chart, let alone use charting for birth control. But Tempdrop has helped me achieve that! Since my cervical fluid is not normal, I rely heavily on temperature to affirm ovulation. Tempdrop has given me an obvious thermal shift every cycle from the very first. Highly recommend!

Best way to track BBT

After years of using a standard digital basal body thermometer for cycle tracking, I finally invested in the TempDrop and I have to say, it’s infinitely better. No accidentally forgetting to take my temp when I get up to use the bathroom, no annoying beeping waking my husband, and it seems more accurate. Highly recommend!

Very helpful

Super helpful and easy to use. Took some getting use to, but overall its great!! I have larger arms and it still fits with plenty of extra band if needed. Worth the money in my opinion.

Absolutely love the TEMPDROP

I use the TEMPDROP every night. I am currently postpartum and was able to detect ovulation and the start of my cycles all the while of being able to get up to tend to my baby throughout the night.

Tempdrop Fertility Monitor With Lace Armband
Rebekka Sævrøy (Bergen, NO)

Works great and is accurate.

Helped me know I actually am ovulating!

For years I’ve been trying to track my cycle and because I have very little cervical mucous and short cycles I never knew if I was actually ovulating. Oral temps always gave me jumpy charts. With my first month using tempdrop there has been a clear BBT shift sustained and I can see exactly when ovulation occurred. So grateful for how easy and reliable this device is!

AMAZING and even better customer support

I'm using Tempdrop combined with the Read My Body app and Tempdrop app as a form of non-hormonal birth control using the FAM (fertility awareness method...aka the sympto-thermal method). I was breastfeeding and working different shifts and Tempdrop allows me to still get an accurate basal body temperature with many sleep disturbances. Even more than that, their customer support is just about the best I have ever dealt with with any product. Since I was breastfeeding and not ovulating my temps were all over the board and I had an insanely long cycle 1. Tempdrop support emailed me personally without me asking them to check in and make sure I was wearing it right or to troubleshoot as my temps were pretty wonky in the beginning. I had trouble with the device not syncing and within three days they told me how to trouble shoot it and sent me a new cover after figuring out that was the problem. This device is perfect for those trying to conceive or those trying NOT to conceive but do not want to use any hormonal birth conrtrol. I would recommend a FAM educator/class though if you're using this as BC, just to be safe. Thanks so much I can't sing the praises of this device enough

Tempdrop Fertility Monitor With Lace Armband
Annie Alsheimer (White Salmon, US)
Arm Band Stretches and loosens Easily

The product works great once you get the hang of it, but I am a little disappointed at how uncomfortable it is to wear at night. The armband loosens easily overnight and may not be giving an accurate reading. I also hate the the teardrop measuring pod pops out of the band, or pinches me under my arm when I try to reposition it.

Additionally, it recalculates the temperature of the previous evening based on your reading that morning. If you are manually recording your temperatures (and not using the app), this is frustrating as it will change your cover line that you thought you had.

Hi Annie, thanks for taking the time to give your feedback. It can take time to get used to wearing something on your arm at night. It is important that the armband fits securely and doesn't move during sleep, as this will affect the data quality. For tips on adjusting the armband and positioning, please see the Help & FAQs section in the Tempdrop app > Set Armband.

One of the unique features of Tempdrop is its ability to learn each user's sleeping temperature patterns. This is why you can sometimes see the last 2 days' temps updating, as the algorithm filters out any disturbances to your temperature readings. The beauty of this, is the algorithm will continue to learn and adjust with your circumstances throughout life so you don't need to worry if your sleep habits, environment or cycle patterns change.

Easy to use and read. Reliable Temps

I have been using tempdrop for almost a year now and it has helped me a lot detecting ovulation and knowing my body, The temperature graphics on the app are easy to read. I have a problem with the battery and the support team was amazing!!! They reply fast and do really help. Tempdrop has been a must for me. The only negative thing I have found is the sensor frame witch brakes easily. Tempdrop sended a new one free of charge but i thing this is something to be upgraded as well i would find practical to have a alert when the memory is full. Sometimes I forget to Sync and use it with no memory.

Hi Maria, thanks for your feedback! We're glad Tempdrop has been so useful for you and is helping you know your body.

We know it's frustrating if your armband frame breaks, so we've developed a new fabric armband which doesn't use a frame. And if you find you're forgetting to sync before the memory is full, perhaps a reminder in your phone would help so you don't miss any temps.