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A long-awaited algorithm upgrade!

A long-awaited algorithm upgrade!

November 30, 2022

A long-awaited algorithm upgrade!

Today we are super excited to announce that our algorithm got smarter and more user-friendly. During December 2022, we will be rolling out a change that will mean retroactive update filtering* will be removed and the learning phase of Tempdrop will be minimized, all thanks to the improved algorithm. 

This algorithm update means you get accurate temperature results right away, without the need to wait for the “Tempdrop magic” to happen.

What does this mean for you?

The first reading you sync each day will be your final filtered result. 

In addition, the learning phase of Tempdrop will be faster than ever^. Those that are just starting out, will have very usable temperature results as early as the first week of use!

We still recommend giving Tempdrop up to 30 days to ensure you are wearing the sensor properly, that everything is settled, and readings are as optimal as possible. If you feel your temperatures are rocky, you can find plenty of friendly support in our closed FB group, in addition, you can always reach out to our support team for a review.  

The power of cycle data

Tempdrop has been in use since 2017 and we have now tracked over half-a-million cycles. An in-depth analysis of that data by our team has allowed us to refine the algorithm based on big data.  

The new release has undergone multiple stages of testing, including chart comparisons of  the ‘old’ algorithm vs. the ‘new’ algorithm results.

Curious about how well it works? We’ve included some example charts. 

A chart showing the old algorithm vs. the new for a regular menstrual cycle. There are 2 examples shown, one in Celsius and one in Fahrenheit.

A chart showing the old algorithm vs. the new for the cycle of a shift worker. There are 2 examples shown, one in Celsius and one in Fahrenheit.

Your questions answered

1. Will the change be immediate to my app?

So as not to cause confusion, the change will be applied to each individual based on their cycle status (we won’t change anything mid-cycle).   When you enter the first day of your next period (CD1), after the rollout, you will be moved to the new algorithm. If you don't usually set the first day of your period in the Tempdrop app, you will need to take this action (at least once) to enjoy the benefits of this change as soon as possible. For those not due for a new cycle, or who don’t enter a new CD1 in the Tempdrop app, we will move you over within 75 days after the release.  Users will receive a notification through the app to alert them of the change before it’s implemented.

2. What if I have been using Tempdrop less than two weeks when the change is rolled out? 

Great news - you will be enjoying the updated algorithm, accurate, with smooth charts, and minimal learning time.

 3. I haven’t used my Tempdrop for a while. Will this change apply if I start again? 

At the time of the release, inactive users will be automatically “moved over” to the new algorithm. You have the newest benefits right away. 


4. When will the change be implemented?

The change is set to roll out starting the second week of December. 


If you have any questions or concerns we advise that you join Tempdrop’s Facebook Community for support. Or alternatively you can contact the support team via the Tempdrop app. 


* To learn more about the current algorithm and retroactive updates to previous results, please click here.

^ The old algorithm (before the update) has an early "learning" phase of at least 14 days. 

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