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Tempdrop - Freedom

$249.00 USD
Tempdrop - Freedom

Tempdrop - Freedom

$249.00 USD

You've selected the Freedom package. Freedom comes with:

  • Tempdrop BBT sensor
  • Display app (iOS & Android)
  • Original (white) armband
  • Additional armband (choice of white or midnight blue)
  • Two travel pouches
  • Extra battery
  • 36-month manufacturer's warranty
  • 12-month full-refund guarantee
  • 12 months of Tempdrop Care
  • Free international shipping

About Tempdrop Care

Tempdrop Care is included with the purchase of Tempdrop Freedom. Tempdrop Care gives you insurance against accidental damage or loss for one year from the date of purchase. What's included:

  • The first replacement sensor is free!
  • Additional sensors are subject to a $49 fee
  • There is a $19 processing fee for every accidental damage claim
  • Armband replacements can be added to each sensor replacement for an additional $9
  • International shipping is included 

Buyers Outside the United States

Please note this listed price does not include import duties, taxes, and charges. Some countries will have charges added at checkout, otherwise, it is the buyer's responsibility to check with your local customs office to check if additional costs are payable.


What's included

  • Sensor
  • Standard or large armbands
  • Carrying pouches
  • Spare battery
  • User manual​
  • Battery Replacement wand
  • Free international shipping
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Technical specifications

  • Sensors

    • Temperature (multichannel)
    • Tri-axis acceleration
  • Dimensions

    45 x 32 x 10.5mm
  • Weight

    7 gm
  • Size

    • Standard armband circumference: 5.2-14 in or 13-35 cm
    • Large armband circumference: 11-19.7 in or 28-50 cm
  • Battery and Power

    • Power source: 3V lithium CR2032 coin-cell battery
    • Expected battery life: 6-12 months
    • Battery replacement wand included
      Please refer to our battery replacement guide when it's time to change your battery
  • Memory

    Tempdrop's sensor holds 24 hours of data, or about 3 nights of 8 hours. We recommend syncing your Tempdrop sensor daily.
  • Environmental Requirements

    Ideal operating temperatures are 32-95°F (0-35°C). Extreme heat or cold may damage Tempdrop or its accessories. Keep Tempdrop away from sources of heat and fire. Do not expose your Tempdrop to direct sunlight for prolonged periods
  • Materials

    Tempdrop is made of medical grade plastic and stainless steel
  • Water

    Tempdrop is not a waterproof or water-resistant product.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Convenient but can improve

I am liking my TempDrop so far! Convenient and comfortable. I do have some feedback. It took my a little bit to get the hang of turning it on for some reason, meaning I missed a couple of temps. Perhaps updating the instructions to be more specific about what you should look for to make sure that you turned it on in such a way that it will temp? Also, I really wish it synced up with Kindara. I do it manually every morning which isn't a big deal, but it would be nice to have it happen automatically.

Great product

I’ve started me second month of using the Tempdrop and it is part of my daily routine. I tried the other products that are out there first and could not understand how people wake up everyday and remember to check their temp before even getting out of bed.
My only problem with the Tempdrop was the Large strap. Took me a while to understand how to adjust it to my size. Was not so straight forward. Maybe they should upload a video about it because I saw that I was not the only one with this issue.

So much easier!

I have been using an oral thermometer for over 2 years, and while it is wonderful for TTA, it’s a bit more difficult with a new baby as night time feeding can effect the temp read out. I am still in the early stages of using the Temp Drop, as we have only had it for a couple months. While we know it take a bit longer for the algorithm to kick in if TTA, I’ve hardly missed any temps, which makes this so much more effective!!


Tempdrop - Freedom

Love it

I have a hectic schedule and this simplifies my life with FAM! I recommend this to anyone looking to use FAM that struggles with BBT.