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Why is cervical mucus important?

Why is cervical mucus important?

Cervical mucus (also called cervical fluid, CM or CF) is one of the primary signs of fertility. 

Cervical mucus is produced in the cervix, which is the opening to the uterus and is situated between it and the vagina. The cervix has something called cervical crypts, which create the different types of cervical mucus depending on your body's sex hormone levels (most notably estrogen and progesterone). Each has its own purpose in your fertility and health. 

Cervical fluid serves two main purposes:

  1. to sustain and move sperm when you’re fertile, and
  2. to protect against infection both when you’re fertile and infertile.

Cervical mucus is what makes sperm able to survive long enough to fertilize an ovum. Without cervical mucus, sperm can only last a few hours. Quality of cervical mucus increases as you approach ovulation, making it a key sign to track.

You can learn more about cervical mucus and how to track it in Tempdrop Academy, available in the Tempdrop app. You can also read more in our Starter Guide to Fertility Awareness. 

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