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TTA or TTC: With Tempdrop, You Choose

We ran an informal poll over in our 2,127+ member Facebook Group the other day and saw some surprising results. We asked our users, "Why do you need Tempdrop?" and this is what we heard back.

Tempdrop for TTA and TTC

A tool for both TTA and TTC

This is the beauty of Tempdrop. It's a companion you can take with you across your life's stages - it won't just gather dust after you conceive. Our users include hundreds of new moms trying to catch their first postpartum ovulation - many of whom used Tempdrop to get pregnant in the first place and are now using it as they transition to trying to avoid. No matter your stage or need, TTA, TTC, or, hey, just want to learn more about your body, Tempdrop is here to serve you. 


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