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The official update: let's dive in

Here's what's happened since the last update. After we got the samples of the first T0 (zero) batch, the Chinese manufacturer was supposed to tune the mold and fix the issues we reported. This has all been completed.

We do not expect any more production cycles (unless a catastrophe occurs). As I mentioned, we will send the sensors from the current T1 batch even if they won’t be ‘perfect.’ You’ve all been waiting long enough.

Unfortunately, the Chinese clearly cherish their holidays because they didn’t respond until the second week of February. This was when I decided that I need to go there, a decision that was only made possible now thanks to the genuinely professional and financial support I get from our turn-key contractor-partner led by the amazing Guy Einon.

It took some time to get a visa and arrange for meetings with the armband factory, plastic manufacturer, and packaging vendors. The goal is to FINALIZE EVERYTHING and get these amazing sensors out to you all.

While the Chinese were on holiday, we updated all the software environments to their most recent versions, solved some bugs, got our iOS app to work again, sent Apple a sensor to approve our app, and much more…

When I get back from China, I hope to bring with me 100 units including the plastic shells and armbands. The rest of production (several thousand) should take about 2 weeks to arrive in Israel.

The plastics need to be assembled with the electronics (this was already manufactured a month ago), packaged and shipped - I estimate this should take another week. Please keep in mind that we’re doing everything for the first time and our estimate of the process will be more accurate as we progress. Meanwhile, the packaging boxes should be finalized and in Israel by then.

Once we’re ready to go, we’ll be using FedEx and DHL to ship and we expect it’ll take about a week in most cases.

After all the above I can only guarantee this: Tempdrop is closer to you than ever. Partnering with the manufacturer removed 95% of the risk we had since day 1 when I started Tempdrop. Right now, it’s like we have a turbo in our engines, and nothing’s gonna stop us from here on out.

I know you've all been waiting to get Tempdrop for a long time, please don’t feel ignored or count our delays. Believe me, we feel our delays more than anybody.
This is real, it’s happening soon, and I can’t wait for it to happen either.


Note: this post was originally published on our Facebook page here.