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The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Tempdrop!

It's been a long and bumpy 2017 filled with best-case scenario expectations and worst case reality checks, but I'm happy to share that the next couple months have a clear roadmap and we can comfortably share with you a shipping date. We spent this year looking very closely at all of the variables that would go into producing and shipping Tempdrop - and there's now no doubt in our minds that we're close. Let's go over them before the reveal:

What do we have left? 

  • We've passed all certification tests for the CE certification (Europe) and we're continuing with the remaining tests for the FCC certification (USA) - they should be completed in 1-2 weeks
  • The electronics arrived a while ago and we're now waiting for the plastics for final assembly
  • The Tempdrop app still has a couple minor bugs that we're taking care of, but that won't delay the shipping 
  • The armbands have been manufactured and they've already arrived in our factory in Israel
  • The instructional manual is done 
  • The packaging is 90% done. All that's left is dying the foam gray that sits in the packaging and throwing in a small carrying pouch. The foam and carrying pouches are being manufactured and we're waiting for their ETA, but it shouldn't take long since the samples have already been approved
  • Finally, the plastics are in production. The plastics are the bottleneck to the whole production but, on the bright side, the samples were approved and we expect them to arrive in Israel the second week of June
Between final production of the plastics, shipping from China, customs in Israel, assembly, and final shipping and handling, we believe Tempdrop will ship the second week of July, but to be safe, we're officially announcing the shipping date as July 31st. 

To be honest with you, it hasn't just been a bumpy 2017, it's been a bumpy three years since our Indiegogo campaign in 2014, and I'm so thankful to all of you who believed in Tempdrop and stuck around with us as we turned a dream into a reality. Now that we have a firm shipping date and there's less risk around ordering a Tempdrop, we today moved to our normal pricing of $120. 

In our last email, we announced a 10% discount but, after feedback from customers, we decided that the discount wouldn't be fair to our early supporters and have since discontinued it. We are at work on promotions that will benefit our early supporters and new customers equally - be on the lookout for them here and on Facebook.

To all of you who've purchased Tempdrop up until now, you will forever be our early supporters, the core group of people who made Tempdrop possible. Thank you! Of course, up until July 31st and afterward, I will continue to keep you in the know every step of the way, 

Michael Vardi and the Tempdrop team