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Temping is as Easy as Sleeping!

Occasionally, we feature reviews from our users. These reviews are unsolicited and only edited for clarity. 

I purchased Tempdrop back in 2014. Between fertility difficulty and a less-than-ideal sleep cycle, it was a long wait until Tempdrop shipped. I waited patiently and enjoyed the email updates from the company.

Finally, it arrived a month after the product launched because I hadn't seen the email to sign in and update my address, which hadn't changed - oops!

I became a member of the Facebook Group as we all learned together how to use this new device. It had a learning curve. Women began falling pregnant and I watched as I logged cycle after cycle.

Frames broke and I couldn't understand why. I fitted my band much like a collar on a dog. Not too tight and not too loose. I never took my device out of its frame. Months went by and the posts of broken frames continued.

Then, I got a crack - my first frame broke! My replacement frame was lost in the mail, apparently delivered but never found. I used a bandaid to hold my device firmly into its frame until even that gave out.

I spent a week in a sports bra holding the device to my skin. Then, my new frame came. I never remove the device from the frame. I slip the band on not too tight and not too loose. I see more posts of replacement frames breaking and I wonder why these devices see more action than mine even though I log more data.

I change insurance plans and I start to see specialist. My Tempdrop data finally gets the attention it deserves from medical professionals and I get the treatment plan I need on my long, hard road to motherhood. I have a year of data, and a restored hope in reaching our goal next year.

Temping is as easy as sleeping TTA Tempdrop Review First Graph

I own Kindara's Wink. I have not used it since my second cycle of Tempdrop. I chart with Fertility Friend. I sync Tempdrop to my iPhone with the Tempdrop app when I wake up. I then open Ovuview on my Android tablet to review my chart and add this information to Fertility Friend while comparing the two charts to each other. I no longer use Kindara and I no longer beta test for them.

Overall, Tempdrop has done what it promised when I watched their original pitch on Indiegogo back in 2014. Temping is as easy as sleeping. The time of day or night that I take my basal body temperature no longer matters.

The changing temps of the algorithm can be a challenge, but about once a week I review the current cycle's temps between the authentic changes in Ovuview to the manual data in Fertility Friend and make the changes to keep them the same.

More features and better design on the app are desirable but neither change the fact that this device has been instrumental in changing the landing of women's health.

Above and below are pictures showing 11 months of Tempdrop data in one Ovuview temperature ribbon. I don't always remember to put in our baby dancing data. In fact as you can see I almost always forget.

Temping is as easy as sleeping TTA Tempdrop Review Second Graph

Thank you Tempdrop for creating this fantastic product.

Warmest regards,