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Tempdrop is Growing Up

Let’s start with some great news. One of our users, who previously relied on unnatural ways to conceive, got pregnant au naturale with Tempdrop. We know not everybody in our group is TTC - in fact, according to a poll we did a few months ago, only a minority are! - but we're still so pleased to see the number of pregnancies that have popped up since we launched just a couple months ago! 

Community Admin

I already mentioned how the Tempdrop group has become key in getting feedback from users and helping us improve Tempdrop. It's also incredibly active and a few ladies with long experience in NFP have shown an amazing willingness to answer questions and offer guidance.

We're happy to share that we're promoting one such lady as a Group Admin. Please give a warm welcome to Beth Marmorstein. She'll be helping us approve members, moderate comments, analyze charts, and facilitate activities. Let's hear it from Beth herself:

My husband and I agreed before our wedding that we would use NFP. Learning to chart was challenging due to my irregular cycles (and further complicated by my irregular substitute teaching schedule), but we eventually got the hang of it. Since then we've used NFP to conceive our four wonderful children, to space my pregnancies, and to avoid pregnancy during some medical challenges.

I'm currently post-partum, breastfeeding, and in the process of transitioning back to regular cycles. I love being able to jump right out of bed without waiting for a beeping thermometer and sleep late when the baby lets me. I'm excited to be able to help others enjoy the benefits of Tempdrop through this group!

Thank you Beth! 

Algorithm Updates

A few updates are pending and will be released very soon:

  • Sleep-in issue - Depending on the typical sleeping temperature of some users, sleeping in (waking up and snoozing) has in some cases been affecting temperature readings. Since sleeping in is one of the reasons Tempdrop is a must in the first place, we knew we had to fix it.
  • Retroactive update of history results – This is something I wanted to integrate a long time ago. Your history results will be updated as the algorithm learns you and becomes “smarter." If you are using OvuView, the results will be updated there as well.
  • Valid data - Only valid results will be displayed. Short sessions, for example, will be filtered out.
  • Time-zone bug - For our users in Australia and New Zealand, data will be displayed based on local time settings. 

Sensor Update 

We modified the shut-off settings of the sensor so it will not shut off after 2 minutes on inactivity. This is the major cause of the 'missing data' occurrences in the morning. The sensor was shutting itself off before going into recording mode. Now, you will not have to wear Tempdrop for a few minutes before going to bed.

The new firmware will be included in our next shipment batch. Everybody who ordered recently will receive it. Older Tempdrops will need to wait for the first over-the-air update of the sensor's firmware via the new Tempdrop app. I estimate that this feature will be available in 4-6 months.

App Update

For now, we are only addressing critical issues that pop up in the app. Some bugs, like the occasional need to log out and back in, will stick around until Zemingo releases our new app. Long-term, we're working on app stability, functionality, and appearance. Here are some early screenshots for a bigger re-launch we're planning for early 2018. Tempdrop is growing up!

Large Armbands

We're happy to share that you now have a choice of a standard or large armband when you order a Tempdrop. Based on feedback from our users, the large armband is 28-50 cm or 11-19.7 in. If the size of the armband was holding you back from investing, now you have no excuse! 

Shop standard and large Tempdrops: 


Revenge of the Broken Frames

Well, what can I say? Not all of our news is good. In our first batch, we had a number of frames that were snapping after some time. It was a manufacturing flaw that we asked the manufacturer to fix, only to recently discover that the new frames actually snapped at a higher frequency. We ended up shipping some users replacement frames twice! 

Never mind my frustration, I’m imagining a user wearing her Tempdrop eagerly for several weeks, looking forward to tracking her first full cycle, only to have the frame suddenly break. Now she’s mailing support, waiting for 1-2 weeks, wearing it again, and, soon after, it snaps again. Really, I can’t think of a worst user experience than that.

On my end, I made a picture collage from your frame pictures and emailed that to the manufacturer. It should be on their conscious as well. They made bad decisions without involving us and ignored our recommendations for how to fix the issue when it was first reported 3.5 months ago.

My colleague is in China now with the manufacturer to fix the mold. Hopefully he will return to Israel with some samples next week and the frame saga will become a distant memory. Longer term, I am seriously considering making the frame from semi-rigid silicon, but it will take me some time to source and produce it. 

My frame just snapped! What should I do?

Email support@temp-drop.com about the frame and include your address. We will send you a new frame as soon as we have them in stock. I'd rather that you not have to suffer through multiple shipments if a replacement frame I send you right away ends up breaking. In the meantime, I recommend slipping the sensor into a sports bra or using an elastic cuff. Our amazing community on Facebook has shared a wealth of ideas and I invite you to join it if you haven't already (we're almost at 1,000 members!). 

Join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tempdrop/

Thank so much for your engagement and your patience. I'm looking forward to seeing you in our Facebook Group,