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Tempdrop for Women With PCOS

We know that PCOS can make charting difficult. Two of our loyal users reached out to us to share how Tempdrop is making their family planning journey easier.

Trying to conceive with PCOS

Trying to naturally avoid pregnancy with PCOS


Women love their Tempdrops and tell their friends about it!

At Tempdrop, I hardly allocate any resources to marketing campaigns. I would like to, of course, but we lack the resources of our competitors because we’ve never had any venture capital investment.Instead, we try to provide the best customer service and warranty conditions.

Our minimal marketing budget means that when our sales grow, we know we’re onto something big, dare I say, life-changing – and the flourishing community backs this up by promoting Tempdrop repeatedly on our and other FAM groups through sharing posts and charts like these.

Thank you so much for this!