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Ovulation and Anovulation: Everything you want and need to know today

Did you know that ovulation, not menstruation, is the main event of the cycle? Ovulation is incredibly important for more than just conception. Ovulation is important for the production of beneficial hormones, which are crucial...

Fertility Awareness - Is It Best to Learn from an Instructor or DIY?

You're new to fertility awareness (FAM). You'd like to learn, but you're not sure how. There are lots of instructors, but how do you choose one? How much might it cost and is it worth it? Or can you just teach yourself?  One op...

Experiencing a long cycle? Here's what you need to know

You may have heard ovulation is the main event of the cycle, but did you know you can experience cycles where ovulation is delayed or you don’t ovulate at all? This is called delayed ovulation or an anovulatory cycle, and it's ...

How Effective is Fertility Awareness as a Contraceptive?

Discover how effective fertility awareness can be as a contraceptive and find out more about your options during the fertile window.