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My long experience down the path of unexplained infertility

My name is Kelly, I am 41 years old, and I have the perfect family: a husband of 21 years and two children who are my absolute life. This could have been a very different story though. It could be focused on a life of longing f...

Fertility Awareness - Is It Best to Learn from an Instructor or DIY?

You're new to fertility awareness (FAM). You'd like to learn, but you're not sure how. There are lots of instructors, but how do you choose one? How much might it cost and is it worth it? Or can you just teach yourself?  One op...

What is Fertility Awareness?

FAM is the practice of learning to read the quiet messages of your body to determine when you’re fertile, and when you’re not.  It’s a daily practice of noticing and charting your body’s biomarkers. With a symptothermal method,...

How Effective is Fertility Awareness as a Contraceptive?

Discover how effective fertility awareness can be as a contraceptive and find out more about your options during the fertile window.