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September 2016

Dear all,

Soon you will have the most accurate and comfortable solution for tracking your fertility cycle. As you are about to see, our algorithm is plotting amazing charts while we collect and analyze user data (thanks to our study participants).


Our first goal was to remove the hassle of waking up to take your temperature. As you can see, Tempdrop "rides" on-top of orally tracked temperatures. This is due to continuous axillary temperature measurement which is more accurate  and closer to your true core body temperature than oral measurement ­(see reference).

The end result is a smooth chart, illustrating a temperature shift and high/low temperature zones which are clearly identified, and that means:                                                                           No need to wake-up!!!


The true value of Tempdrop shines when looking into sleep patterns. Tempdrop tracks your entire sleep, and our algorithm learns the pattern of your sleeping temperature. This pattern signature contains much more information than a single temperature measurement when you wake-up. The pattern is evident even if you wake up at night (nursing, restless sleepers). 

This user-specific pattern allows the identification of a temperature decrease before ovulation (OV dip), sometimes up to 3-4 days.



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Getting ready for shipping in Christmas, we've manufactured the final design with 3D printing techniques, combining soft (button, seal) and rigid plastics in one. This stage is critical before going into final plastic molds design and as you can see, it's looking great.


The final design of Tempdrop 

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We made great progress over the past 2.5 years, yet we are still bootstrapping our way to bring Tempdrop to market (we don't take any salaries).
By spreading the latest news about Tempdrop and pre-ordering devices, you help us make, fix, test and eventually ship out devices that will transform the lives of so many women and couples in a few months.
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Calling all app developers that want to integrate Tempdrop's SDK, benefit from quality data input, rev-sharing on sales and provide their users a complete fertility tracking solution.
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