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Price Alert, Updates, & New Features: Tempdrop in 2018

2018 is just around the corner and we still can't get over 2017. We launched Tempdrop almost 6 months ago and we're seeing Tempdrop get better as our community grows stronger by the day. Your charts make us proud - PCOS, light sleepers, or nursing women - all sharing their charts and telling us how they can finally track their fertility cycle thanks to Temprop.

These charts were shared in our closed Facebook group by users. Tempdrop's results were manually inputted into the Kindara app. Automatic integration is currently available only on the OvuView fertility app.

Tempdrop's price going up

We are continuously putting effort into giving you the best experience we can, even as we work behind the scenes to iron out flaws.  In order to survive - and succeed - we have to grow. Not preparing for the future means Tempdrop's growth would be stunted and our customers would suffer. 

Our concern for customers throughout our growth has already meant taking on much of the burden of unanticipated developments, whether it's swallowing extra shipping costs, expanding our warranty to 2 years, or offering 1-year free turns, all of which you just don't see in the technology industry.

Meanwhile, distributors are reluctant to work with us because our gross margins are too low for them to build out the distribution channels and do the marketing they'd need to get sales. Already, our price is hampering our growth 

Because of the growing costs of scaling Tempdrop, Tempdrop will cost $150 starting in 2018 (shipping included). I strongly believe that $150 is still an incredible value and, while it's more than we expected Tempdrop to cost back when we first launched our crowdfunding campaign, we're happy we've been able to offer Tempdrop to our earliest customers at a special rate up through 2017.

The price still makes Tempdrop a bargain in the market versus our competitors. Plus, we will still go out of our way to make sure customers are happy, and, in the instance that we can't, offer a money-back return and warranty. Finally, our customers have been able to purchase Tempdrop through their FSAs and HSAs.

If you've already purchased Tempdrop, thank you for your support. If you haven't purchased Tempdrop yet, now's the time! Not only will you lock in a Tempdrop before we raise our price, you will be a part of our exciting journey changing the future of women's health, facilitating a real change in fertility tracking as a means of birth control, pregnancy achievement, and overall health. 

The latest updates

We're excited to share that we received a batch of frames made with the stronger plastic and they're going out with every new order.  The inherent issue in the mold is not solved, but using a strong plastic has overcome the issue for now. If your frame has snapped, email us at support@temp-drop.com and we'll send you a new frame.

In the meantime, our own plastic injections expert flew to China and visited the Chinese factory last week to do a close review of the manufacturing process, check its consistency, and, of course, conclude the frame issue.

New features

Next, we're excited to share our web app with the world. It was a secret in our closed group for a long time, but now we're making it publicly available.

The web app allows you to:

  • View and chart your Tempdrop history
  • Download your history data in a CSV file
  • View an early, raw data version of your nightly temperature charts

The web app isn't perfect and has some display resolution issues. Still, it's clear to us that users enjoy seeing their data too much to keep it a secret.

Thank you for your continued support of Tempdrop. This holiday season, we at Tempdrop wish you all the very best and, as always, don't hesitant to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Kindly,