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Our New Year’s Resolution: To Deliver Tempdrop to Your Doorstep

As promised, here's that product update - just in time for the new year! We missed the window for Christmas deliveries but, as you’ll see, we’re getting closer and closer everyday and have a new shipping update! But we'll save that for last. Here goes:

Let’s get techy - the electronics

After we finished the machine setup, we made a few samples and did some fine-tuning to correct minor errors. Then we manufactured a few more and now everything is working properly. The whole batch of the “heart” of Tempdrop should be assembled by next week.

The hardware

We did receive the plastic shells and accessories - the first ever “mass produced” Tempdrops! Here they are sitting side-by-side with the older sensor that helped us write our first algorithms and proved the amazing accurateness of Tempdrop.

This batch is referred to as the “T0” batch. It’s a test batch that we’re using for final tuning and setup (this is rather common) that doesn't reflect the final colors! We submitted our feedback to the manufacturer and the next test batch (T1) is expected to provide the manufacturing quality we’re after*, plus the final colors.

*We strive for perfection, but we won’t hold off on shipping if the final batch isn’t perfect - you’ve all been waiting too long as is!

The software

In line with getting both the iOS and Android versions of the Tempdrop app ready for release, we fixed some very annoying bugs. As well, we’ve been working very closely with OvuView and it looks like they'll be the first app to fully support Tempdrop! We’re working very hard on making integrations happen and welcoming OvuView on board as a partner is going to be huge!

As you can see, things are really coming together: the electronics, the hardware, and the software all hit major milestones this month and we’re very excited for how Tempdrop will look, feel, and work when it arrives at your doorstep.

The elephant in the email - but when will we FINALLY ship?!

Yep, we know this is what really counts, so here’s what needs to happen next:

The bottleneck is the plastics. With some miracles the manufacturer will make it to T1 before the Chinese New Year holiday starts (January 15th) and we’ll get the whole batch the week of January 22nd. Then assembly and shipping will take 14 days.

But, realistically, it may be more likely that we’ll get the whole batch after the Chinese holiday - you know how holidays are! - which would be the second week of February. So, we’re expecting to ship Tempdrop by the end of February.

As we move through the production process and get closer and closer to shipping, we get a better idea of when we'll be able to ship. Thank you again for sticking around - we promise the wait will soon be over!

Hope you have a happy, happy new year,