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Production, Shipping, Algorithm, & Fundraising Update

In the spirit of total transparency that's been a staple of Tempdrop since our first day in operation, here's the latest on everything Tempdrop. 


In August and September, we received too many service calls for malfunctioned sensors. This was a tremendous burden on our support team (thank you Melony! 🙏) and a considerable expense paying international shipping for the warranty claims. I know that all of these issues damage the Tempdrop brand and we are doing our best to give you a high level of service as we address problems in the background.

Most importantly, we are taking action to end the underlying production issues. I am even considering taking drastic measures like holding new Tempdrop shipments until we have the new plastics - the old plastics are the cause of most of the problems and new plastic molds are already in production. If we go this route, we will follow up with another email. 

Building hardware is not easy. It’s taking us time to find vendors that meet our standards, and these missteps cost us serious time and money. I can assure you that despite it all we’re continuously moving forward and constantly improving.


And, speaking of quality vendors, the service we were getting from our fulfillment vendor started deteriorating (why does this keep happening?!). I am glad to share that we now have a new service provider and a different US warehouse. We will all start benefiting from the change as soon as this week, with old bottlenecks clearing up in everything from the large armband kits to the warranty sensors to the frames.

Large armband kits and warranty sensors hitching a ride in a business class cabin to the new US warehouse.


Nearly a month ago, on September 25th, we updated our algorithm. One of the changes was that after 60 days, only the most recent 3 results will be updated. It is no longer necessary to change everything in your fertility app's history if you manually input Tempdrop temps, just the last 3 results. Over the past couple weeks, there’s been a growing voice in the community that this update resulted in charts that were harder to interpret.

After investigating the data of users who had observed this, the official Tempdrop response is that the charts we've seen had nothing to do with the algorithm update. Each case had its own reason that was unrelated to the update.

As you know, one of Tempdrop's key benefits is that YOU make Tempdrop. If you feel that the last update has affected your charts for the worst, please contact support and we will check it. We are carefully examining each chart and will investigate your before and after data to understand what might explain your observations. As usual, we will use our findings to keep improving Tempdrop.


Despite all the setbacks and learning opportunities, this is an exciting time. Feeling the winds of change in adopting STM based methods for contraception, I have started taking steps towards fundraising. Yes, Tempdrop is beginning its first official funding round and we are looking to raise over $5M. Naturally, If we had more money, it would have taken us less time to achieve our goals. There’s no better time than today to start accelerating Tempdrop’s quality and growth. If you’re an investor or can make an introduction, please email us at contact@temp-drop.com.

As always, thank you for your loyalty to Tempdrop. Until the next official update,