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Gift guide for the fertility fan

Gift guide for the fertility fan

December 06, 2021

Gift guide for the fertility fan

Fertility awareness is growing rapidly, and it comes as no surprise to those involved in fertility awareness that more and more women want to be more informed about their health and their hormones. So what better way to support a family member or friend than by giving them a fertility gift?

We've put together this gift guide for the fertility fan to help you find the perfect gift combination. 

For the friend who is trying for a baby

Proov is a great product to use alongside Tempdrop. It measures Luteinizing Hormone to identify your two most fertile days. You can also scan your results with the free Proov Insight app to get lab-quality numerical results.

Proov Predict test

Using these tests alongside Tempdrop will help you identify your most fertile days and then confirm ovulation occurred and when. Using these in combination can help increase chances of pregnancy. 


Note: Tracking with Tempdrop will indicate pregnancy, with elevated temps after 15-18 days post ovulation.

For the friend who is venturing into fertility awareness

There are so many great resources out there to help you get started with fertility awareness and learn a method (FABM). One of our personal favourites is Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. 

This detailed book will help you understand the intricacies of your body and your cycle, all while helping you get started with fertility awareness.

Or why not schedule a course or consultation with a fertility awareness educator. We’ve put together a mini list of educators (there are lots, lots more). 

For the friend who wants to start repairing her period

The Period Repair Manual, by Lara Briden ND

We all have a friend who has a terrible time every time Aunt Flo visits. So, with new year approaching and new goals to be set, let’s help them get started by repairing their period!

The Period Repair Manual enables the reader to understand how they can naturally treat their hormones and have better periods. The author, Lara Briden, is also a naturopathic doctor and has lots of suggestions for finding a good doctor, tests to run, and supplements all with the end goal of repairing your whole cycle. (Remember, period pain is common but it’s definitely not normal.)

For the friend who wants to learn to live in sync with her cycle.

Cyclical Being course by Medicine with Mona

Perhaps you’ve heard the term cycle syncing - aligning your life and practices to your cycle to be in better sync with your body. 

Purchase an online self-led course, we recommend Cyclical Being by Mona Wiggins

Or book a consultation with Women's Health Coach & Fertility Awareness Educator Audrey Geyer to learn how you can get the most out of your health and your fitness regimen by aligning it to your menstrual cycle. 

For the friend who wants to be part of a community focused on fertility

Join the GB collective - a community for all things food, home, health and beauty. Get information about your health and hormones, share stories, knowledge and advice. 

When you purchase a Tempdrop, you also get access to a community. Tempdrop has it’s own private Facebook group to ask questions about fertility, share charts, and get advice from experts!

For the tween or teen

Teenage girl reading The Bright Girl Guide

If you have a teen in your family who you know would appreciate knowing more about her menstrual cycles from an early age then the Bright Girl Guide is the gift to give. 

And if you know a parent who may be feeling embarrassed about talking to her daughter about periods then the parent-teen course may also be a good option. 

There are so many great fertility products out there to take advantage of and we love that these are so much more widely available, but of course Tempdrop will always be our number 1 gift choice.

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