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Fertility Awareness is not the Rhythm Method

Fertility Awareness is not the Rhythm Method

October 11, 2022

Fertility Awareness is not the Rhythm Method

If you know what fertility awareness is, you probably remember that early question that you had: "But isn't this just the rhythm method?" And then, after you learn it's not, you hear other people ask it. 

If you don't know what fertility awareness if, you may be asking that question yourself! So here are 3 simple ways that fertility awareness is not the rhythm method.

1. Fertility awareness uses modern science

Okay, this statement is a little bit vague. But fertility awareness uses the science of individual biomarkers to understand when you are fertile, and when you've passed ovulation (and are no longer fertile until the next cycle!). The rhythm method generally relies on basic calculations, which may or may not be personalized to your past cycles, but don't take anything else into account.

woman holding calendar using rhythm method

2. Fertility awareness relies on individual, current observations

Like we said, fertility awareness is all about biomarkers! While the rhythm method uses averages from either your past cycles or just the general idea that women ovulate at day 14, fertility awareness can take into account any changes as they happen, helping you understand if your cycle is acting as you expect or don't expect.

3. Fertility awareness is great for any intention, and any cycle regularity and length

The rhythm method is generally only good if you have a predictable cycle between 24 and 34 days long. However, fertility awareness can be used if you have irregular, long, or unpredictable cycles because it uses current, individual information. Some people also struggle to trust the rhythm method with any intention besides actively trying to get pregnant. However, fertility awareness methods have rules for any intention level.

Please remember to consult an instructor, manual, or course for whatever intention you have using fertility awareness.

Those are three main differences between fertility awareness and the rhythm method. Check out our Instagram to share more ways you've learned they're different!

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