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Conceiving With An Irregular Cycle: Beth's Story

Conceiving with irregular cycles is no small feat! Read how one Tempdrop user, Beth, did it.

Conceiving postpartum
"I would like to share my trying to conceive story. I started trying to conceive with timed intercourse because sex was difficult. That’s how I was introduced to the charting world. I learned how to read my charts. I was fascinated!

After 9 months of charting we conceived our daughter. She was a lover of breast milk and nursed constantly for the first 12 months and didn’t stop until 32 months. Despite that, at 10 months my cycle returned and I longed to give her a sibling.

With our daughter constantly breastfeeding, and mostly at night, temping was hard! I gave up because I was constantly awake and the temps weren’t accurate with the traditional method. I then was introduced to Tempdrop. I bought it and my whole temping experience blossomed!

It took a few months of Tempdrop temping to figure out I was on a 70-day cycle. On the 3rd cycle, after 8 months of temping, I didn’t ovulate until day 59 and we tried one time on day 56. At 8 DPO we had a positive pregnancy test! Sadly we had a miscarriage. After the miscarriage I was devastated thinking I would have to wait until day 56 to ovulate.

With continued Tempdrop temping I found myself ovulating on day 16! I had a perfect temp spike. 5 months after the miscarriage, we conceived again but miscarried. Feeling discouraged I bought an [X] and used both devices. I was curious about the [X] and it was a good deal so I decided to try it.

It had a lot of features and a lot of facts. You wear it on your wrist and it takes your skin temp. It’s not very accurate and works best on a 28-day cycle. It tells you exactly when it thinks you are fertile and if the temps don’t line up it will change the prediction. I didn't see how it could possibly work with someone who has an irregular cycle or suffers from PCOS as it’s set for a 28-day cycle.

I definitely prefer Tempdrop. Three months after my second miscarriage I conceived for the third time in 12 months and I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. My ovulation lines up perfectly with the Tempdrop and it’s been going well. I would recommend the Tempdrop over [X] any day! Tempdrop is an amazing device!" 

Conceiving with irregular cycles