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An Update on Shipping & Everything Else!

It's that time. No more production and shipping estimates. Just real, true, genuine shipping. Take a look - that's the postman carrying four sacks of Tempdrops headed to our Indiegogo supporters. And more are on the way! All told, it has been a very exciting week. We announced that we were shipping ahead of our July 31st estimate and we received a ton of emails and messages from our excited supporters asking when they'd get their Tempdrops. Here are some answers.

In general, but not without exception, we’re shipping in the order that orders were received. The exception was a small test batch of recent orders that we shipped in order to understand and establish a repeatable process. From here on out, however, we will be shipping sequentially. To be clear, while less than 1% of our supporters won the timing lottery because of a quick test, more than 99% of our supporters will receive their Tempdrops according to the date they ordered them.

To understand the process, we started taking pre-orders in 2014 and have about three years of orders to catch up on. That also means that some of the addresses we have on file are three years old, so while we ship, we’re also doing our best to make sure we have updated addresses. That extra step makes it more difficult for us to respond to requests for specific shipping dates. We’re working quickly, but we are a small startup and have 1000s of orders to process!

For now, we can safely say that all orders will be shipped in 1-4 weeks and everybody who ordered will receive a confirmation email as soon as we ship. The 4-week estimate is for those who ordered after the pre-order period ended because we need some time to catch up! If you ordered during our Indiegogo campaign and did not receive an email from us, please PM or email us at contact@temp-drop.com with an active email address.

Bugs Update

Some of our supporters have already received Tempdrops and, as with any brand-new product, they've identified our first bug! No worries, we're on top of it, and by the time most of you receive your Tempdrop, it will already be fixed. What was the bug? It was discovered that the Tempdrop app was only ​displaying the temperature in Celsius, not so helpful for our American friends! An update fixing this bug has already been approved in Android and will be reflected in the new Apple update pending their approval in 48 hours. Please update your Tempdrop apps in the coming days!

Instructions on Pairing & Syncing

Some users have had difficulty pairing and syncing their Tempdrops. Here's a short how-to.
First things first, a note about location services: Android users should approve the app to access their location. I can assure you that we're not following you, but the location access is required to sync with Bluetooth 4.0 devices.

Second, make sure that you have the most updated Tempdrop app available. It is advised to uninstall and reinstall the Tempdrop app in case you didn't approve it to access your location when it was first installed.

Third, do not manually pair the Tempdrop sensor with your smartphone. It sounds counter-intuitive, but this is in fact the wrong way to set up Tempdrop. If you're prompted for a pin, you'll know that you need to switch gears. Instead, do this:

  1. Turning on Tempdrop - Press the Tempdrop button for 3-5 seconds until it is blinking green and put it on. The green light will shut off after 15 seconds. Go to sleep!
  2. After you wake up - Make sure your smartphone's bluetooth is enabled, you have Internet or data on, and your ​location enabled.
  3. Take off your Tempdrop, press the Tempdrop button for 3-5 seconds, and open the Tempdrop app. The message "Waiting for Tempdrop" should appear.
  4. When the connection is established, the Tempdrop's icon on the app will start spinning, syncing will be initiated, and the sensor's green light will blink rapidly.
  5. When syncing is completed, your result should show in the stats screen.
  6. If nothing happens during the 'Waiting for Tempdrop' message, this might be a 'refresh' bug we still have. Simply go to the stats screen and return to the 'Waiting for Tempdrop' screen. That should do the trick.

Live Facebook Q&A

To address this and some other minor bugs and questions we’ve had around shipping, syncing data, and pairing the Tempdrop, I will be hosting our first Facebook Live this week in the Tempdrop user group. We are slowly approving requests into the group and will also be conducting a poll to find the right time. If you’ve ordered a Tempdrop, please join! We will share the video on the regular Facebook page afterwards for everybody who hasn’t quite made up their mind to purchase a Tempdrop.

One Final Favor

We’d also live to ask a favor of you! We’re getting a lot of questions through all of our channels and we’d like to ask that if you have a question to either private message (PM) us on Facebook us or email us at contact@temp-drop.com. While we do our best to respond to every question in individual post comments, they can be hard for us to keep track of. To encourage this, we will stop answering questions in post comments and instead respond with a request to be PMed or emailed.

Thank you so much for being a part of this ongoing adventure and don’t hesitate to be in touch. Kindly,

Michael & the Tempdrop team