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An Update on Our Integrations

Since the beginning, our philosophy has always been that Tempdrop would be an enabling device. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the data you want, in whichever app you prefer. To that end, we developed a snippet of code that allows app developers to seamlessly integrate the results from our algorithm into any fertility app. 
If, for whatever reason, apps choose not to integrate Tempdrop, you would still be able to see your temperature results and manually input it into their app. The core functionality of Tempdrop wouldn't be affected - you would still enjoy unprecedented, personalized accuracy without the need to wake up.

We're now at work partnering with established fertility apps that will help us present that data to you in the most helpful way. But, as some of you pointed out, the apps listed in our "Supported Apps" section isn't correct - that list dates back to the Indiegogo when I approached several apps and they all said they wanted to integrate as soon as we launched.

Now, I'm at work on making those integrations happen and these are the apps I'm most excited to work with - turns out 75% of them come from married founders!

  • OvuView -  OvuView comes from a boutique outfit in Prague called Sleekbit. They’ve managed to build a loyal following without spending a dime on marketing - a testament to the app’s beauty and strength. A new version of their app is coming out soon - and there will be a Hebrew version!

  • Clue - A founding couple, Ida Tin and Hans Raffauf work out of a super cool hanger in Berlin. I like Clue because it’s intuitive to use and gives women a lot of guidance in interpreting results.

  • Kindara - Another founding couple, Coloradans William Sacks and Katherine Bickenell, are among the key players in promoting fertility awareness methods. They have their own bluetooth-enabled BBT thermometer (Wink).

  • NaturalCycles - Swedish founding couple Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl just published a study championing the idea that an app could replace the pill - and the medical community is backing them. No hormones needed - except yours of course.

If you have a favorite app you think would be perfect for us - or something to share about these, send me an email. And wish us luck! I’m looking forward to the day when Tempdrop syncs with all of the major fertility apps, giving you the data you want in your favorite app.

Happy holidays,