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Tempdrop is ALMOST Back in Stock

Summer is in full swing and we have a lot going on. Here's a quick run-down of everything behind the scenes at Tempdrop. Due to higher than expected demand in July, Tempdrop has been out of stock since last Monday. But, if you ordered recently or were about to order, don't fear. The new batch of 2500 units was on the production lines Monday and we hope to start shipping next week.

Speaking of production lines, this one is special because, for the first time ever, we're doing final assembly and inspection in Israel. Why, you ask? Because the faulty frame saga hurt and it's time we have more control over what we're shipping out.

It's more expensive, but it means every unit we send out will be assembled and inspected by people who are passionate about Tempdrop. Plus, we're throwing spare frames into every order as of a few weeks ago. The frame saga is nearly over.

In a one-two punch at higher quality control, we're also in the final stages of moving to another plastic manufacturing vendor. We anticipate making the switch by January 2019. Replacing the plastic manufacturing vendor and moving most production to Israel are both significant steps for Tempdrop, both strategically and financially, and I'm very happy with the progress we're making.

Meanwhile, our European customers will now be charged VAT during the checkout phase, saving them the hassle of an extra payment during delivery. This may seem small, but it's part of our ongoing mission to provide better service to our European customers and serves as an extension to our fulfillment facility in Poland.

Finally, on the tech front, we've made great progress with Tempdrop's sleep tracking feature, and I hope to present it to you soon. This will be an exciting one.

Whether you backed Tempdrop during our crowdfunding campaign in 2014, pre-ordered Tempdrop before our launch one year ago, or purchased in the year since thank you for your support. The Tempdrop experience keeps getting better and better.