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A New Tempdrop is Coming in January 2019!

Tempdrop is getting ready for the new year with a refresh and we’ll be showcasing the update at the largest conference for consumer electronics - CES 2019 in Vegas - this January! Starting November 1st 2018, we will be pausing shipments for new orders until we have the new Tempdrops in stock in late January. Here’s everything on the new Tempdrop that’s coming soon!

What’s changing?

  • We’re introducing 2 new armband colors - navy blue and khaki. We will have these available to order on our website very soon!
  • We’ve completely redesigned our plastic molds.
  • Our sensor and frame will get new colors. See the rendering for a peek and note that the rendering is not a photo and shows both the sensor and frame. The final colors may be slightly different.

Rendering of the new Tempdrop

  • We’ll be updating our user manual.
  • Tempdrop’s packaging will get a slight refresh.

If you're already rocking a Tempdrop, don't worry! Your Tempdrop is still a pro at everything and there's no reason to upgrade.

What does that mean for you?

Starting in November, we will stop shipments until the new Tempdrops are in stock, but we will still be operating behind the scenes, providing customer service and fulfilling any warranty or Tempdrop Care accidental insurance claims. And, if you would like to order an armband in a new color, sit tight, we’ll let you know then they're available.


Aug 13, 2019 • Posted by TPS

The new tempdrop in the first picture looks like it is integrated/a single piece with the frame, like a watch.

The other pictures below show a tempdrop sensor that removes from an independent frame.

Which is it?

The first picture looks like it would prevent frame breakage, because there is essentially no frame.

Apr 29, 2019 • Posted by Eva Bank Danielne

Dear Tempdrop Manufacturer,

I have PCOS and want to use this as a medical device for NFP as we have a 2 month old girl now.

I saw that there were quality issues with the plastic molds and there is also only one application that supports this device on Android.

How well do you trust your own product, can you offer 5 to 7 years warranty for a one time additional charge? When will the newly designed sensors be avaliable?

How long can you guarantee that this device will work without any problems for the price that is – counting with a regular 20 USD thermometer – should have at least 7 times the same lifespan?

Can this sensor also be intgrated with other applications that can reliably give a fertiltiy window based on the unbiased temperature data?

Best Regards


Apr 17, 2019 • Posted by Kamren Allan

Hello! I was wondering if the new upgraded teardrop is in stock yet. I would really like a navy blue one and it states above they would have been in stock late January of this year but I can’t seem to find it on your website yet. Anyway I can be emailed once they are in stock? Thanks!

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