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"I know When to Have Sex" & Sweetening the Pill


Dear Tempdrop family,

It’s Tempdrop’s community manager, Tal Ron, here! I’d like to update you on what we’ve been up to, the current status, and also give you a bit of my own personal perspective.

I decided to write the newsletter myself this time because I felt it was important at this stage to let you know how big of a part you are in creating Tempdrop!
Through online conversations about women's empowerment, alternative contraceptive methods, pregnancy, fertility apps and women's technology, you gave me a deeper understanding of how Tempdrop could be part of your daily life. 

While reaching out and engaging in conversation with many of you who raise questions, concerns and excitement, I feel as if I live your anticipation every day. I felt the need to write the newsletter, because I know how much you were waiting for it. So here it is :)  

Current status

Time ripens the substance of a life as the seasons mellow and perfect its fruits"
The best apples fall latest and keep longest". –Amos Bronson Alcott
We've commenced the fundraising stage in order to begin mass production, start paying salaries and grow. (Yup, you’ve got that right. It means that we’ll soon be able to provide you with an estimated time for delivery!) Our focus is currently on fundraising. Since our devices are pretty much final, we're spending less time in the lab and more on presenting at exhibitions and meeting with investors.

Conferences and Exhibitions - Promoting Tempdrop

Last month we were among the 20 startups (out of 150) asked to present at the Israel Mobile Summit Conference, giving us media and TV exposure.

We were chosen to present at Made in Germany, a wearable tech panel; participated and spoke at the IoT & Wearable Tech conference; and even won 2nd place in the startup competition at an annual startup event.

Tempdrop Features

We are learning a lot from our test-users’ feedback and have now added a spring rod (just like in wristwatches) that connects the textile strap and is easily removable. So you will be able to wash  it after a few months’ use, or mix’n’match between straps and frames.

A New App Joins the Tempdrop Family

As part of the objective to increase our compatibility with popular fertility apps, we've connected up with a fun and simple, user-friendly, fertility tracking app called LoveCycles and started collaborating with them. Check them out and let us know what you think! ☺ 

Sweetening the Pill

If you aren’t following us on the social media channels, or you just happened to miss it, I’d like to proudly introduce to you: ‘Sweetening the Pill’, the documentary.

Inspired by Holly Grigg-Spall’s book, ‘Sweetening the Pill: How we got hooked on hormonal birth control’, which sheds light on the effects of hormonal contraceptives, Ricki Lake (yes, go Ricki!) and Abby Epstein decided to produce a documentary. It explores different contraceptives, promoting conversation and a better understanding of the side effects and alternative birth control methods. 

The documentary team launched a crowdfunding campaign last month and Tempdrop has contributed $1,000 to get this movie made and help it reach its goal. We believe this movie will change many women's lives and I am hoping that my personal story will be featured in it. 


If you missed it, I wrote a blog post about the book, the subsequent movie and my own experience with birth control. Take a look:       

As awareness of women’s fertility spreads and the conversation about women’s health evolves, it seems that the business world has yet to catch up..!
Due to a lack of women, most of our “potential investors” are men. This just shows how much the balance in business needs to change.
Also, since they’re non-Catholic men, we encounter a high level of ignorance about anything to do with fertility awareness. 

Many of the investors we met didn’t know that it could be a form of birth control, nor understand why a woman would need to track her ovulation(!!) It made me realize how blind or oblivious people still are to women’s health issues, and why it is so hard to even begin to explain the need for Tempdrop.

We know that you can certainly explain your own need for 
Tempdrop;) and that you, hopefully, see the point of our perseverance and efforts. So, if you happen to know  someone who might be interested in equity investment (and owning a part of Tempdrop :) ), we would appreciate you contacting Michael Vardi personally at:

Hoping for some great news next month!

Until then- Quit charting - live on!

Tal Ron